Touring Cid’s Hideaway In Final Fantasy 16

Final Fantasy XVI introduces us to Clive, who we meet when he’s 15 years old. In a flash forward, we encounter a 28-year-old Clive who meets Cidolfus Telamon, known as Cid for short. Cid brings Clive to a hideaway that acts as a primary hub in the game. FFXVI takes place in Valisthea, but the hideaway’s exact location remains a mystery.

The hideaway is built into a cavernous structure and boasts a pub where gamers can talk to the locals about the ongoing state of affairs. It also includes side quests, music players, and shops such as a blacksmith and a general goods stand for buying potions. Other compelling features include Characters that provide history lessons and merchants who offer special gifts. Special bonuses are unique to the game and dependent on your renown, which Clive earns by performing good deeds around Valisthea and helping its people. One such feature is Otto’s Counter, which is managed by a character named Otto who is helpful in Clive’s journey. One of his employees is Gaute, who handles Alliant Reports. These invaluable reports help you keep track of Clive’s ongoing relationships. The Patron’s Whisper is run by another character, Desiree, who awards Clive gifts in the form of crafting resources and Gil.

Cid’s hideaway

The Hunt Board is another useful element that allows you to collect bounties and perform hunts throughout Valisthea. The board’s design is similar to Final Fantasy XII, as the developers are working on FFXVI. Finally, Clive’s chambers allow you to view letters received, leading to new side quests. The Wall of Memories is also in Clive’s chambers, which lets you show off trinkets and personal touches from Clive’s journey.

Clive’s hideaway is what makes Final Fantasy XVI a game to remember. It serves as an expansive hub featuring a variety of elements such as side quests, music players, blacksmiths, and merchants. Combined with the characters and the world design, the game promises to provide an unmissable RPG experience. PS5 users will be able to play Final Fantasy XVI on June 22.

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