GamesAid raised £120 thousand for charitable causes in 2022/2023

GamesAid has managed to raise a total of £120,000 ($148,300) for charitable causes through various fundraising events, merchandise sales, grassroots fundraisers, and support from charity sponsor Sumo Group that will be distributed throughout 2022 and 2023. This year’s total is more than £20,000 ($27,000) higher than the combined totals of the previous two years and it’s attributed to the winding down of the Covid-19 pandemic and a full fundraising calendar. The funds will go to six different charities – AFK, Autistica Plays, Lifelites, Solving Kids Cancer, The Clock Tower Sanctuary, and Winston’s Wish – who will each receive £20,000.

GamesAid Launches That Classic Game Night Bundle

GamesAid reveals new ways to support the group through fundraising, including the launch of its That Classic Game Night Bundle. The bundle offers players the chance to win a variety of games on Steam, including Among Us, Rocket League, and Captain Toad Treasure Tracker for a minimum of £1 ($1.30). A press release from GamesAid stated: “All the money raised will not only help gaming charities across the UK but the proceeds from the bundle will be split equally between GamesAid charities Elevate and Safe in our World, which both support individuals in the gaming community who are struggling with mental health issues.”

Celebrities show up for GamesAid’s August funddrive

Celebrities join GamesAid Fund Drive

Following the conclusion of GamesAid’s successful fund drive that raised £120,000 for charity, the organization announces the success of its August fund drive “Going for Gold!”. The second virtual GamesAid fundraiser of 2021 will feature a series of drop-in Olympic events in support of games industry charity. The organization received extensive celebrity support from individuals such as Josh Widdicombe and Chris Tarrant, providing shoutouts and even taking part in some of the drop-in events. Through this new campaign, GamesAid managed to add £1,000 to its initial fundraiser total.