Diablo 4 reveals a new launch “race event” and some players are not happy

Blizzard has announced a new “race event” in Diablo 4 to celebrate the first 1000 players who hit the Level 100 cap. Would you like to immortalize your username on a statue of Lilith? Reach level 100 on hardcore mode and tweet #Diablo4Hardcore with proof. However, some players on the Diablo 4 subreddit are concerned about early access players’ “unfair advantage” in the competition. Blizzard GM Rod Fergusson explained that as of Friday, everyone’s progress and characters with early access had been deleted.

Despite these measures, some players continue to question the fairness of the contest. Blizzard has not yet revised the eligibility requirements.

Blizzard previously explained why the Diablo 4 campaign story will not be extended with post-launch seasons. It also revealed new details about its post-launch plans, which include seasons, battle passes, and an in-game shop. Blizzard promises a new season every quarter, featuring quests, battle passes, legendary items, class balance changes, and other improvements. Players will have to complete the campaign to unlock Season 1, which begins in mid to late July.

Completing the objectives in each chapter of the season’s battle pass rewards players with legendary codex materials and power aspects. Blizzard is celebrating Diablo Immortal’s one-year anniversary with a crossover event in Diablo 4.