Escape From Tarkov’s latest update fixes a long-standing bug

The popular game, Escape From Tarkov, has released a technical update that addresses multiple long-standing technical issues. Although this update is not content-heavy, it serves to improve the game’s underlying systems.

If you’re interested in reading the full patch notes for this update, you can find them here.

Headline Feature: Reworked Flashlights

For long-term players, the most significant update is the full rework of flashlights. With this update, weapon-mounted torches no longer shine through walls or other obstacles. Additionally, flashlights no longer flicker while they’re turned off on your back, eliminating an issue that has previously caused many unaware players to lose their lives. Lastly, the brightness and beam range of flashlights has been addressed and “fixed.” It’s unclear what this means precisely, but it’s likely that some torches may now shine quite brightly.

Reworks to Sound and Headset Systems

Sound has also received a significant overhaul in this update, with changes made to the Lighthouse and Interchange soundscapes, as well as general improvements to Reserve and The Lab. The headset system has also been updated – the volume level of all headsets has been lowered, while the high frequencies have been amplified, making the sound more realistic. According to the update notes, some headsets now offer an advantage by increasing the radius at which players wearing them can hear footsteps and voices.

Bots and Group Loot Changes

Aside from these reworks, several other issues have also been addressed. For example, bots can no longer turn instantly while prone. Additionally, they’ll speak less in combat and while unaware. Players will no longer gain experience for looting or killing players in the same group. Dogtags of players within your group will now be considered as non-found in raid and will sell for just one rouble.

This technical update marks the first step in the roadmap announced by developer BattleState Games. The developers plan to transition to Unity 2021, an upgraded version of the current game engine that powers the game. After this transition, another technical update is planned before version 14.0 adds an expansion for the Streets of Tarkov map, new weapons, and vaulting.