Evil Wizard is Now Available on Xbox Series X|S: The Making of True Evil

Rubber Duck Games’ lead programmer, Diego Ordoñez, recently shared some insight into the development of their newest action RPG, Evil Wizard. The game, now available on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, takes players on a journey to reclaim their castle and powers after being defeated by so-called “heroes.”

Creating a Humorous Narrative

When developing Evil Wizard, Ordoñez aimed to infuse humor into the game’s narrative. Drawing inspiration from iconic magic users like mages and wizards, Ordoñez utilized the concept of magic to further enhance the game’s story and gameplay mechanics.

To keep players engaged, Ordoñez also decided to implement a twist in the game’s narrative. Instead of playing as a traditional hero, players step into the shoes of the villain, creating a fresh and unique gameplay experience.

Finding the Humor in Details

In addition to dialogue, humor was also found in other parts of the game, such as environmental art and collectibles. Environmental artist Ruben Gómez added several hidden gems throughout each level of the game, including hanging underwear atop the castle and paintings of the Evil Wizard with popular culture characters. Meanwhile, pixel art animator Pablo Pérez brought to life funny animations for enemies and NPCs.

Balancing Gameplay with Combat and Exploration

To create an engaging gameplay experience, Rubber Duck Games opted to make combat a centerpiece of the game. The team incorporated a broad array of spells and melee combat to make fighting feel unique and strategic. Alongside combat, exploration and puzzles play a crucial role in Evil Wizard, with players navigating an interconnected castle to uncover secrets, defeat mini-bosses, and ultimately reach the final level.

Evil Wizard is now available for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, and for a limited time, players can purchase the game at a 10% discount until June 1, 2023. Will you be playing as the bad guy in this fun and unique RPG?