How To Build Rafts & Boats In Tears Of The Kingdom

In the game Zelda TotK, you will encounter numerous water bodies that you need to cross to progress further. However, doing so can be somewhat challenging, especially in the early stages of the game. Fortunately, players can always build rafts or boats to move around the water in Tears of the Kingdom. Unfortunately, the game does not explain much about how you can achieve this. Do not worry though, as there are many difficult bosses ahead that you will need to deal with. Scroll down and check out our crafting guide to make a raft of a boat in Zelda TotK.

A Crafting Guide to Build Rafts and Boats in Tears of the Kingdom

Source Image: WoW Quests

In Tears of the Kingdom, building rafts or boats requires that you have Lumber, a Sail, or a Zonia Fan. However, before you can utilize any of these items, you must acquire the Ultrahand ability necessary for combining objects within the game. If you already have this ability, take a look at the crafting steps outlined below.

  1. Chop trees using your Axe to get 3-5 pieces of Lumber.
  2. Activate the Ultrahand ability by hitting the Left bumper and selecting the red hand icon.
  3. Attach the logs by pressing A, as illustrated in the image above. To rotate the log press R.
  4. Players can make a raft or boat using three logs or five logs in Tears of the Kingdom.
  5. Once you have crafted the raft, look for a Sail close to the shore.
  6. After locating the Sail, use the Ultrahand ability once again, attaching it to the top of the logs.
  7. Finally, grab the raft using Ultrahand and put it on the water in the direction of the wind.

The first time you will need to fashion a boat or a raft is while unlocking the In-Isa Shrine. If the raft is too gradual for your preferences, attaching a Zonai Fan to the raft can speed it up. However, obtaining a Zonai Fan requires the use of a Zonai Device Dispenser found in the Sky Islands.