Bryan Fury has been announced for Tekken 8, unannounced and then announced again

Get ready, Tekken fans! A new character has been introduced in Tekken 8. Introducing Bryan Fury, a bruiser of a fighter with a cold, cybernetic look to match. Unfortunately, Fury’s reveal did not go quite as planned. Rather than being shown off during a tournament, a trailer for the character was leaked on Instagram and circulated on social media and YouTube before it could be taken down.

Despite the hiccup, we now have a chance to delve into Bryan Fury’s moveset and explore his enhancements as a cyborg fighter.

According to this VCG report, Fury was tagged as “A wild card for violence and destruction,” which is indicative of his fast, hard-hitting mechanics and rage art. Combining brute force with his cybernetic enhancements, Fury is a formidable opponent and a clear statement that this Tekken installment is upping the intensity.

There are many changes to Fury’s appearance, such as his expanded cybernetic enhancements, including a mechanical eye, that amplify his fighting style. Based on his moveset and appearance, Fury is a truly wicked warrior, and players can’t wait to see what he brings to the ring.

Producer Michael Murray took to Twitter to apologize for the leak, alongside acknowledging the hard work the team did on the trailer. He said, “I apologize to the fans who saw that particular thing in not the way @Harada_TEKKEN and I had wanted it to happen. I feel bad for all you guys and also the dev team who gave up weekends to work on it :(“.

It’s worth noting that Tekken fans are exhilirated at the prospect of what this installment will bring. Bryan Fury’s addition has brought the confirmed roster to a total of 15 characters, and with no concrete release date for the game, fans can only speculate as to who’s coming next.