How to solve Path of Conviction puzzle

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor offers players a unique combination of combat and puzzle solving, and there are plenty of both to enjoy. If you find yourself struggling with the Path of Conviction puzzle on Jedah, don’t worry! This guide will take you through the steps to solve it.

How to Solve the Path of Conviction Puzzle in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Timing is everything when it comes to solving this pesky puzzle in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

Before you attempt the puzzle, make sure you have the upgraded ascension cable, which you can find on Shattered Moon as you progress through the story.

Once you have the cable, head to Jedah and make your way to the Arid Flats fast-travel point. From there, you’ll see a chest on the right with colors for the Commander’s outfit. If you’re interested in acquiring this outfit, be sure to read our Commander Outfit guide!

Once you’ve arrived at the fast-travel point, go straight until you reach two mounts. Grab one and follow the cliff along until you see an opening on your right. You’ll find a grapple point here which will allow you to scale the nearby walls.

Jedi Survivor: How to Solve Path of Conviction Puzzle

Follow the path until you reach an opening with a grapple point in the center.

On your left, there’ll be a ball. Force Pull it towards you, and a wall will move down. Grapple to the center point, then launch to the wall that moved down.

Jedi Survivor: How to Solve Path of Conviction Puzzle

Force Push the ball to make it to the other side, and a rock face will come out directly across from you. Use the same grapple point to launch back to the first spot you were in.

The next part of the puzzle requires perfect timing. From the left, Force Push the ball so that the wall in front of you goes back up. Launch yourself onto that new rock face, and use Force Push to move the ball to the other side. There will be a cliff below. Go down and Force Push another ball into the wall you brought down.

If all goes well, make your way back to the left side of the moving wall which is in front of the grapple point. From there, Force Push the ball into the final position.

Completing the Puzzle

After you’ve solved the puzzle, make your way back out the same way you entered. From the right-hand side of the grappling point, make your way to the cliff. You’ll see 2 more grappling points. Take them to the other side, climb up the wall and you’ll find a structure with a ball to Force Push.

Cal About To Jump On The Grapple Point(1)

Push the ball, and the structure in front of you will level itself. Turn to the right of the platform you’re on to find some steps leading downwards. Reach this area, and you’ll get rewarded with a New Slot Perk.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is available on Steam now. May the Force be with you!