Genshin Impact Kaveh Builds and Backstory

Genshin Impact introduces Kaveh, a new playable character who is a renowned architect from Sumeru. He comes with unique abilities and builds that make him an excellent addition to any player’s team. In this article, we’ll take a look at Kaveh’s abilities, builds, weapons, and backstory.

Kaveh Abilities

Kaveh’s abilities in Genshin Impact make him a valuable asset in battles. He relies on Mehrak to manipulate his claymore, and players can use Artistic Integrity to deal AoE Dendro damage. His passive ability, An Architect’s Undertaking, allows him to heal himself using Bloom Cores.

Painted Dome is another ability that players can utilize. It explodes Bloom Cores in Kaveh’s vicinity while giving him a Dendro infusion, increasing resistance to interruption, and boosting the damage of Bloom explosions.

Kaveh is most effective when used in a Bloom factory team because his abilities revolve around these cores. However, players can also use him with other characters that can make the reaction.

Genshin Impact Kaveh Builds

The best builds for Kaveh depend on whether players want to focus on Bloom DPS or Spread DPS. Kaveh has no support or off-field capabilities, which limits his utility. For Bloom DPS, players should equip Kaveh with a 4-set Flower of Paradise Lost and focus on making Bloom Cores. For Spread DPS, use Deepwood Memories to become a Bloom driver or go for Gilded Dreams to deal spread damage.

When it comes to main stats, players can use 3x Elemental Mastery. Alternatives include an Energy Recharge timepiece, Dendro DMG Bonus cup, or Crit Rate/DMG hat for the Bloom Driver and Spread DPS builds. For substats, players can use EM, Energy Recharge, Crit DMG/Rate, or ATK.

Genshin Kaveh Weapons

Kaveh doesn’t have signature weapons, but players can equip him with other claymores that work well with his abilities. The Mailed Flower is one of the best options for him, but players can also use Skyward Pride, Makhaira, Aquamarine Rainslasher, Forest Regalia, Serpent Spine, Favonius Greatsword, Sacrificial Greatsword, or Katsuragikiri Nagamasa. Choose the one that suits his build the most.

Genshin Kaveh Backstory

Kaveh came from a family of scholars in Sumeru. He lost his parents when he was young and struggled to reconcile his dreams with reality. He had a falling out with his best friend, Alhaitham, and pursued a career as an architect. Kaveh found himself at odds with the changing world of architecture and eventually found solace in building Dori’s private mansion. However, the Withering ruined everything, and Kaveh knew he had to do the right thing, no matter the cost.


Kaveh is an exciting addition to Genshin Impact, and players should experiment with his abilities, builds, and weapons to see what works best for their team. With his unique backstory, Kaveh brings a lot of depth to the game and is a character that players will undoubtedly enjoy using.