Project Zomboid – How to Make and Light a Campfire

Learn How to Craft and Light a Campfire in Project Zomboid

A campfire is an essential item for survival in Project Zomboid. It provides warmth, light, and a means to cook food. A campfire also adds a sense of comfort and security, making it a valuable tool for players.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to make and light a campfire in Project Zomboid so you can survive the zombie apocalypse.

Gather Materials

The first step to making a campfire is gathering the materials you’ll need. You’ll need 3 planks or 2 logs and a twig, a book, a magazine, a dirty rag, a sheet, or a ripped sheet to make the campfire kit. To do this, you can press “B” and click on the Survival tab and type “campfire.”

You can obtain planks by dismantling pieces of furniture or collecting them from warehouses and storage houses. You can get logs as rewards after chopping trees. Twigs and sheets can be foraged. Books, magazines, and newspapers are found mainly on bookshelves in most houses, mailboxes, or post offices. Sheets can be obtained from curtains, and ripped sheets can be made from ripping clothes.

Make a Campfire

Once you collect enough materials, right-click on either one and select “Make Campfire Kit.” After that, you’ll get “Campfire Materials” in your inventory. Next, find a place to put the campfire (even inside or outside), then right-click on the ground and select “Build a Fire,” and you can choose any tile to place the campfire. To move the campfire and set it up in another place, right-click on it and select “Take Campfire Materials.”

Light a Campfire

To light a campfire, you need either a lighter or matches and one unit of burnable material. Both can be found on counters, in crates, or inside vehicles. Burnable items served as fuel are books, magazines, ripped sheets, wooden planks, and newspapers.

To ignite the fire, right-click on the campfire and select “Light Fire.” This action requires 1 unit of burnable material and 0,03 units of lighter. A unit of burnable material adds fuel to the campfire. Later, you can right-click on the campfire and select “Add Fuel” to extend the fire. Each item has a distinctive fuel duration, and you can add an unlimited amount of them to your campfire.

A campfire can be treated as a container with 50 capacity. All items will fall out once you select “Take Campfire Materials.” To retain all the fuel you added, you can select “Put Out Fire” if you want the fire to stop. You can also select “Campfire Info” to see the campfire status and the remaining fuel time.

With these steps, you can make and light campfires in Project Zomboid. Use it to reduce wet moodle, cook food, gain visibility, and get rid of corpses. Happy surviving!

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