Tears of the Kingdom (TotK)

Lizalfos are one of the familiar foes you’ll encounter while playing Tears of the Kingdom. They’ll be waiting for you in any enemy camp on the Surface and down in the Depths. The game also features Lizalfos Tails– powerful materials that perfectly suit weapon fusion. You can collect tails that can deal fire, lightning, and ice damage. For that reason, farming them will benefit you greatly. Here are some of the best methods to farm Lizalfos Tails in Tears of the Kingdom.

Farming Lizalfos Tails: Tears of the Kingdom

Compared to their Talons, Lizalfos Tails are somewhat rare. I personally have 54 Talons, but only a dozen Lizalfos Tails are in my inventory. It is recommended to save the game before defeating them. So, you can always reload the save in case your Tail yield isn’t excellent. These are the best spots I’ve encountered for farming Lizalfos on the Surface.

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Each of these places provides the guarantee of a Lizalfos encounter. The opening two places on the map consists of enemy camps that merely contain Lizalfos. If you’re fortunate, you can collect up to eight Lizalfos tails. The following three locations feature a combination of Lizalfos and Bokoblins, resulting in fewer yields. However, I score around a dozen Lizalfos Tails on a good day. Reloading a save when you haven’t received many from an encounter is crucial. Once we’ve visited each location within the Surface, we can move down into the Depths to collect more.

Lizalfos Locations Depths

Screenshot by PC Invasion

The four locations we’ve discovered here are perfect for farming Lizalfos. Since you’ll find Gloom down there, it’s advised to bring the Depths armor set. Once you’ve covered these four Spots plus the ones on the Surface, you’ll be proud of the Lizalfos Tails you’ve obtained. Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait for the next Blood Moon before these enemies respawn. But it’s still worth it if you get a lot of Lizalfos Tails from each location. Also, keep an eye out for Black Bokoblin Horns and areas with Silver Lizalfos to gain even more materials.