The Best Anime MMORPGs to Play

The Best Anime MMOs for Hours and Hours of Gameplay

While MMOs may eventually come to an end, some anime-like MMOs have managed to stand the test of time and remain as popular as ever. Whether you prefer old or new MMOs, here are some of the best ones available that offer countless hours of gameplay enjoyment.

Final Fantasy XIV

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Platform: PC, PS

Without a doubt, one of the best MMOs available today is Final Fantasy XIV. With its beautiful graphics, lovingly crafted world, and plethora of activities, the Eorzea universe is a joy to get lost in. The community is quite pleasant and known for its friendly players, despite a few bad apples here and there.

Originally launched in 2010 and relaunched in 2013, Final Fantasy XIV has seen several expansions, the most recent being Endwalker, which caused a spike in player numbers and overloaded the servers. To ease the congestion, the development team had to suspend free trials and new sales temporarily and add new data centers to spread the load. Now, with renewed stability, Final Fantasy XIV remains one of the most loved MMOs out there.

Phantasy Star Online 2

Model: Free-to-play

Platforms: PC, PS4 (Switch and Xbox versions available through cloud)

This game originally launched in Japan in 2012 but went worldwide eight years later. Although there was a PS Vita version, it shut down in 2020. In 2021, a new game called Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis was released, which allows players to migrate using their old accounts. The game also features cloud versions for Xbox One and Series X/S, Switch, and even PS4.


Model: Free-to-play

Platforms: PC

Although it first appeared in Korea in 2003, Maplestory is still going strong, with a relaunch in 2017 that breathed new life into this 2D side-scrolling MMO. Despite the simple graphics, it offers everything you would expect from an RPG, including skill level upgrades, character classes, and professions.


Model: Free-to-play

Platforms: PC, Switch, PS5, Xbox Series X/S

Temtem is the closest you can get to playing a Pokémon MMO. You can collect and battle charming creatures for hours of fun. Although many aspects will seem similar to the famous franchise, there are also differences, such as all battles being what Pokémon calls double battles and the presence of different creatures altogether.


Model: Free-to-play

Platforms: PC

Mabinogi takes inspiration from Welsh mythology to create its MMO sandbox that features various activities, character growth, customization, and pet-raising.

With its many choices for exploration, quests, trading, and life-simulation activities, it’s not surprising that it has remained incredibly popular.


Model: Free-to-play

Platforms: PC

Elsword is the spiritual successor to Grand Chase and has been praised for having better controls and skill margins than its predecessor. Some players believe that the game is simply an attempt at a cash grab, but many still find enjoyment in this MMO.

If you played Grand Chase, you’ll recognize most of the characters and their personalities. However, there are new twists to their storylines and abilities.

Bonus: Genshin Impact

Model: Free-to-play

Platforms: PC, PS, Mobile

If you’re looking for a game that isn’t precisely an MMO but has co-op multiplayer aspects, you’ll enjoy Genshin Impact. This game features intriguing characters, an open world, and regular events.

As a gacha game, it does require some level of FOMO to retain players’ interest. However, you can play the game free of charge using free characters or take advantage of events to get new characters.

If you’d prefer a more laid-back RPG, try Honkai Star Rail.

Bonus: Ragnarok Online

Model: Free-to-play

Platforms: PC (Mobile)

Ragnarok Online is a beloved MMO around the world, but its original developers have left due to the company’s mismanagement of the IP. Most of the official servers are closed. However, you can still find fans enjoying the game on various private servers, which offer many quality-of-life options, including higher XP and drop rates and unique classes and skills.


With so many anime MMOs to choose from, there’s no reason to ever get bored. These games have endured because they offer exciting gameplay, captivating lore, and enjoyable communities. Whether you decide to play an old favorite or try something new, you’re sure to have a great time!