Devolver Digital announces June showcase with unsettling new mascot

Devolver Digital’s Summer Game Fest Showcase: What to Expect?

Mark your calendars, because on June 8th at 6 pm EST, 3 pm PDT, or 11 pm BST, Devolver Digital’s latest product showcase will be streaming live! This event is part of the Summer Game Fest, and Australian viewers can tune in at 8 am AEST on June 9th. Devolver Digital, the acclaimed video game publisher behind famous indie titles such as Hotline Miami, Cult of the Lamb, and Fall Guys, have promised an exciting show that will surprise and thrill fans alike.

What Could We Anticipate in the Showcase?

This year, Devolver is expected to give previews of Gunbrella, Pepper Grinder, and The Talos Principle 2, but this is only the tip of the iceberg of what they’re planning to offer. Devolver Digital is infamous for winding up their viewers with unexpected plot twists and a biting sense of humor.

Meet Volvy, Devolver Digital’s New Mascot

Devolver’s latest creation, Volvy, is their new mascot. However, it’s far from the regular, cute and cuddly animal. Volvy, with a menacing 1990s vibe, is an unsettling character who often pops up in unexpected moments to fight their bitter rivals or take a swing at nostalgic cash grabs.

What Can We Expect from Devolver’s Unorthodox Marketing Style?

Devolver Digital is known not only for developing amazing indie titles but also for their peculiar marketing strategies. Their previous showcase, the “Marketing Countdown to Marketing,” was filled with a surreal experience that combined previews of forthcoming games with wonderful irreverence and bizarre humor. This year’s showcase will undoubtedly bear a similar approach.

What’s in Store for Indie Game Fans?

Suppose you appreciate indie games’ originality and their creators’ lateral thinking, then Devolver Digital’s Summer Game Fest Showcase is the perfect platform for you. The company always keeps their fans on their toes with their innovative gaming experience and unhinged sense of humor. If you’re an indie game fan or looking for something new and exciting, make sure you do not miss out on the June showcase by Devolver Digital.