How to complete the White Goats Gone Missing side quest near Tabantha Bridge Stable in Tears of the Kingdom (TotK)

Screenshot of Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is an adventure role-playing game that offers rewarding side quests for players who are exhausted from battling evil in its purest form. One of these captivating diversions is the White Goats Gone Missing side quest, which can be found near Tabantha Bridge Stable.

How to Complete the White Goats Gone Missing Side Quest in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Begin by wandering around Tabantha Bridge Stable to discover an empty corral and a sad shepherd named Chork. He reveals that his white goats are nowhere in sight. Locate Penn, who should be nearby the stables. Your exchange with him will start the White Goats Gone Missing side quest.

Totk White Goats Chork Missing His Goats

Screenshot by PC Invasion

To locate the white goats, follow the lengthy trail of Hylian Pinecones. Since they are not very far apart, they are easy to follow, especially near the stables. If you have unlocked the Sensor+ ability, you can also take a photograph of them to track them down gradually. However, I found this step to be unnecessary.

The pinecones will lead you across a grassland. Keep in mind that sometimes the greenery can hide them, so proceed slowly one pinecone at a time. If you find one pinecone and can’t spot the next one close by, wait for a second or two. Eventually, you should see a glimmer of light somewhere ahead of you, indicating the next pinecone’s location.

Totk White Goats Missing Goats Location

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Let the Hylian Pinecones guide you along the grassy plains, across a road, through a shallow ravine, and to the base of a mushroom tree. You can find its precise location in the screenshot above. You’ll find the goats gathered around a bottle that contains the recipe left for the shepherd and his flock.

Look around and Chork will soon appear and thank you for taking care of his goats. Penn will also show up and offer you rupees for completing the side quest. At this point, the side quest will be completed.

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