Capcom Wants To Know What Other Resident Evil Remakes You Want

Capcom Asks Fans Which Resident Evil Game Should Be Remade Next

Capcom, the video game developer, has released a survey asking fans which Resident Evil game they would like to see remade. Although the survey does not indicate any immediate future plans for the series, it is believed to be a way for the developer to measure fan interest in new remakes.

The survey focuses on the fans’ familiarity with the Resident Evil series, including their knowledge of the social media channels and the official website. The final page of the survey asks users to vote for the game they want to see remade, giving fans an opportunity to participate in the decision-making process.

Fans Call for Resident Evil: Code Veronica Remake

Since the series’ inception in 1996, Capcom has released dozens of installments across multiple generations of systems. However, most fans are calling for a Resident Evil: Code Veronica remake, which was originally released for the Sega Dreamcast in 2000. This game is set after the events of Resident Evil 2 and concurrent with Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, and is widely considered an important addition to the Resident Evil storyline.

Capcom’s Recent Success with Resident Evil Remakes

Capcom released the Resident Evil 2 remake in 2019, followed by the Resident Evil 3 remake in 2020, and the Resident Evil 4 remake earlier this year. Although the developer has not yet confirmed what its plans are for the next installment in the series, fans can expect a mainline entry, likely Resident Evil 9 next. It is believed that remakes will also be on the table, with fans hoping that their favorite titles will eventually be remade.


It is evident that Capcom values its fans’ opinions and is committed to delivering the best Resident Evil experience. With the survey, the developer has shown its willingness to take fans’ feedback into account, which bodes well for the future of the Resident Evil franchise. Fans should keep their eyes peeled for announcements regarding new remakes and mainline entries in the series.