Is Diablo Returning To Diablo 4? (Answered)

With Diablo 4 being all the buzz among gamers, many are curious as to whether the franchise’s demon king, Diablo, will be making a comeback. After being banished from Sanctuary in the previous installment, Diablo’s return in the upcoming release remains a topic of speculation.

Will Diablo Be Making a Comeback in Diablo 4?

Will Diablo Return in Diablo 4?

As of now, there hasn’t been any confirmation from Blizzard as to whether or not they will be including Diablo as the main antagonist in Diablo 4. There’s always the possibility that the demon could appear later through one of the DLCs or updates, but for now, players will have to wait and see what direction Blizzard takes the game in.

Although some fans speculate that Diablo will make a surprise entrance into the fourth installment, the game appears to be primarily focused on the angels’ renegade daughter, Lilith, and her ally, Inarius. However, given the game’s title, some believe that the beloved demon may be making a sneak appearance.

The Diablo franchise is heavily tied to the demon king as its primary antagonist, and with the story continuing in spite of the demon army’s defeat in the last installment, fans are eager for the franchise’s namesake to make his comeback. While some gamers argue that the series needs to move past Diablo, others are hoping for his epic return.

Keep an eye out for upcoming Diablo 4 news and DLC updates to see where Blizzard takes the story and whether or not Diablo will make his anticipated entrance onto the scene.

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