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Weekly Roundup: Apple’s VR Headset, Gwent Layoffs, Silent Hill on Mobile and Microsoft’s Appeal

The mobile gaming industry is always moving quickly, and it can be tough to keep up with all the latest news. In this weekly digest, the team at PocketGamer.biz takes a closer look at some of the most interesting stories from the past week.

Industry Professionals Predict “iPhone Moment” for Apple’s VR Headset

There has been a lot of buzz surrounding Apple’s upcoming VR/AR headset, which is set to launch in the near future. Industry professionals are predicting that this device could be another “iPhone moment” for Apple, and could lead to a whole new product category and market for innovative and life-changing apps.

While some may remember Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer laughing at the iPhone and other naysayers’ predictions of Apple wearable’s failure, the team at PocketGamer.biz believes that this time, Apple may have a tougher post-launch wave of doubt and mockery to endure.

Gwent Team Layoffs Raise Questions About CD Projekt Red’s Mobile Focus

CD Projekt Red recently laid off 30 employees from its Gwent team, leading to speculation about the company’s shift away from mobile gaming. While Gwent was not an unpopular game, it struggled to compete with games like Hearthstone in a somewhat niche genre.

While some industry professionals question the wisdom of these layoffs, others believe they signal an overall shift away from mobile gaming for CD Projekt Red.

Silent Hill: Ascension Offers Mobile Gamers New Horrors

The horror genre has yet to find its footing on mobile devices, but that could be about to change with Silent Hill: Ascension. This horror title featuring one of gaming’s most popular franchises could act as a “proof of concept” for using mobile devices to create unique gaming experiences on a massive scale.

Microsoft Appeals UK Regulators’ Decision to Block Activision Blizzard Deal

Microsoft is set to appeal UK regulators’ decision to block its deal with Activision Blizzard, arguing that cloud gaming concerns were not grounds for blocking the deal. While other regulators have approved similar deals, Microsoft still faces hurdles both in the UK and the US.

Overall, the mobile gaming industry continues to evolve at a rapid pace, with new games and devices constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. For the latest news and analysis from the PocketGamer.biz team, stay tuned to our weekly digest.