Get connected: How to leverage connected TV for growth – webinar

Connected TV (CTV) has emerged as a new marketing channel for advertisers, bringing with it both opportunity and challenge. To make the most of CTV, early adoption and a willingness to innovate are key. Recently, a webinar featuring industry experts Gijsbert Pols from Adjust, Martha Masachs from Funplus, and Alfons Schwartz and Júlia Planas from Smadex, aimed to address some of the most pressing questions about CTV. One question was how CTV could become a performance channel, given that it is primarily associated with awareness campaigns. Pols pointed out that the digitalisation of television makes it possible to target ads by audience demographics, resulting in better measurement capabilities. Targeting and measurement are therefore essential components of CTV advertising. For publishers, better measurement has resulted in significant improvements in the optimisation process. When it comes to testing campaigns, advertisers should focus on finding the right partner with expertise in campaign optimisation and measurement tools. As CTV advertising becomes increasingly important, so too does the debate about attribution models. While last touch is currently the most commonly used model, this does not necessarily mean it is the only source of truth. To evaluate the impact of CTV campaigns on user acquisition, advertisers should adopt a full-funnel approach and be prepared to analyse incremental installs and assisted install dashboards. Creating effective CTV campaigns requires best practice approaches to creatives, such as having different versions of the ad to adapt to the channel, and including a clear call-to-action at the end. Including QR codes has proven to be a successful technique, even though it may not result in actual scans of the code. CTV can be a highly effective channel for user acquisition campaigns, especially given that 73% of viewers use their mobile phone and multitask while watching TV. Combining CTV campaigns with evergreen mobile UA campaigns can lead to synergies between them. The real value of CTV from an advertising perspective is the opportunity to engage customers by combining the benefits of online advertising with the reach of TV.