Street Fighter 6 players are struggling to access their deluxe edition on PS5

Street Fighter 6 is the latest video game with a rocky launch. Players have been reporting difficulties accessing the deluxe and ultimate edition extras on the PlayStation 5, while others are having trouble playing the game altogether. The game’s subreddit and social media channels have been flooded with complaints from players who paid extra for the game’s pricier editions, but were locked out of accessing the DLC and other extras.

Steps to try for fixing this issue have been circulating among players. They suggest starting by restoring the licenses on your PSN profiles. If this does not work, try the “roundabout way” fix. Turn on your PS5, login to your account, and download the “PS App” on a mobile device if you haven’t already. Open the app and login to your PSN account. Press the “Game Library” button at the bottom, and then select the SF6 icon. On the SF6 view, there should be a “PS5 | Street Fighter 6 >” button to press. Scroll down to your Deluxe/Ultimate edition (should say “Purchased”) and press that button. Once you selected it, press the “Play on Console” button. If multiple attempts fail, you may still be locked out of the deluxe edition despite trying these suggestions.

Other players experience a different issue that tells them that they haven’t installed any add-ons when they have, which prevents them from playing the game. A reboot and/or double-checking to make sure that World Tour and Fighting Ground have been downloaded seems to resolve this issue. Unfortunately, it seems that some players remain unable to access the game even after trying these solutions.

Capcom has yet to issue a statement on what’s causing the issues, or when they will be fixed.

Despite the game’s rocky launch, Street Fighter 6 has already made quite an impressive debut on Steam. The game has already secured a significant all-time concurrent peak on Valve’s storefront. SteamCharts currently records Street Fighter 6 with 70,540 players at peak, which is more than double the all-time peak of its nearest fighting game rival, Mortal Kombat 11, which currently enjoys an all-time peak of 27,301 players. Moreover, Street Fighter 6 outshines its direct predecessor, Street Fighter 5, whose all-time high peak on Steam was 13,807 players. The game has also exceeded Tekken 7, whose all-time peak stands at 18,766 players.

As of writing, no formal word has been published by Capcom.