Can you game share in Diablo 4?

Sharing games has been a popular option for gamers and is similar to how disks were shared in the past. Diablo fans are wondering if game sharing is available when it comes to Diablo 4, especially since couch co-op has always been a part of the game.

Can you game share in Diablo 4?

Image by PC Invasion

Unfortunately, game sharing is not available on PC, and couch co-op is not possible either. However, there’s good news for console players. Blizzard has confirmed that game sharing is possible for Diablo 4, provided that the console sharing the game is set as the main or home console. This is a simple process of activating your desired PlayStation or Xbox as the main console.

The process for playing Diablo 4 through game share is seamless. Once you have downloaded the game and grabbed an extra controller, sign it into a profile and ensure that it is logged into a Blizzard account. Then, you’re good to go! Couch co-op is still possible on Xbox and PlayStation, so you and your friends can still enjoy the game together.

Can you game share during Early Access?

While Early Access has allowed players to get a head start in playing Diablo 4, it is not possible to game share during this period. Blizzard’s community manager has stated that “Accounts that weren’t the original purchaser of Deluxe/Ultimate Edition of the game on that console will not be able to play in Early Access unless they join as a second player with the account that made the original purchase.” Players can still play couch co-op during Early Access, but their character will remain in the original purchaser’s account. Unfortunately, there is no option to transfer characters to another account.