Nintendo Reveals 4 New Pastel Joy-Con Switch Controllers

Nintendo recently announced the release of four brand new Switch Joy-Con, set to hit stores on June 30. With beautiful pastel shades, fans won’t be able to resist getting their hands on the Pastel Pink Joy-Con, Pastel Yellow Joy-Con, Pastel Purple Joy-Con, and Pastel Green Joy-Con. Moreover, the release date coincides with the reveal of Nintendo’s 2022 1-2-Switch sequel. Nintendo will be selling the Joy-Con in standard pairs. The Pastel Pink and Yellow Joy-Con will be packaged together while the Purple and Green Joy-Con will come in a separate package.

Each set of Joy-Con will come with two black Joy-Con wrist straps. The items are currently sold out on the Nintendo online store, but you can purchase a pre-order to get them as soon as they’re back in stock. The Pastel Joy-Con is priced at $79.99 per set, which is in line with other Joy-Con sets’ prices.

Are you thinking of getting these gorgeous pastel Joy-Con? Let us know your thoughts below!