Amnesia: The Bunker review – survival horror that’s dark in all the right ways

Amnesia: The Bunker Review – A Delightfully Terrifying Adventure

Amnesia: The Bunker is the latest addition to the Amnesia game series, developed and published by Frictional Games. This game boasts a spine-chilling atmosphere and a sense of invention that sets it apart from its predecessors. The game is set in a bunker where you play the role of Henri, a soldier desperate to escape the horrors that lurk in the dark corners of the bunker.

The game has a claustrophobic atmosphere that is both your cell and sanctuary as you explore the warren of tunnels and rooms that spread out from your safe space. You’ll find yourself returning to places you recognize with a rush of adrenaline and gratitude. However, the detailed notes and world-building are achingly effective, even though the connection with the protagonist feels a little tenuous at times.

As expected from a horror game, you have just one goal, and that’s to escape. The game does an admirable job of making the bunker feel both safe and dangerous. You need fuel to keep the generator running, passcodes to progress, and bandages to stop the bleeding. Expect to encounter dismembered bodies and vermin roaming around. However, there is something else out there in the darkness, something huge and hulking with razor-sharp claws, and that’s all that matters.

One of the things that set this game apart is its wickedly dark premise that is genuinely terrifying. You’ll experience that special kind of fear that sees you gasp for breath as you go through the game. The game’s mechanics are such that you’ll have to juggle keeping the generator burning, save lanterns, and, most importantly, being as quiet as possible. These mechanics make for some incredibly harrowing encounters.

The game has randomised codes, item locations, and traps that ensure every playthrough feels distinct and exciting. The environmental puzzles you encounter usually have more than one solution. Moreover, you’re encouraged to experiment with various options available as Frictional has given players opportunities to interact with different in-game props and tools.

The game has a few glitches that include not being able to re-read scribbled codes and rats that are more irksome than scary. The puzzles are less challenging than in previous games. However, these are minor irritants that don’t leach the enjoyment out of the game.

In conclusion, Amnesia: The Bunker is a fantastic game with a spine-tingling atmosphere that sets it apart from its predecessors. It’s such a thrill to find your brave explorations and inventiveness rewarded in such interesting ways. It may not be perfect, but it packs a punch and comes highly recommended for horror game enthusiasts.