Diablo 4 – Should You Salvage or Sell Items?

You’ll quickly accumulate items in Diablo 4 by defeating hordes of enemies. To clear space in your inventory, you can either sell or salvage them, but which option is better?

In the early game of Diablo 4, choose to salvage any gear and weapons you acquire. However, as you progress towards the end-game, it is better to sell most of the gear and weapons instead.

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Should You Sell or Salvage Gear in Diablo 4?

You have two choices to get rid of unwanted equipment and weapons that fill up your inventory in Diablo 4 – sell or salvage. Salvaging items in the game gives you various materials, and selling items gives you gold, which you need for several important purposes.

When you first start playing the game, it is not immediately obvious which option is better. However, the general rule of thumb is to salvage all items for materials in the early game and to sell almost all items towards the end-game.

The reason to salvage gear early in the game and sell them later on is that gear is worth more materials early on in the game and comparatively more gold as you progress further into the game. This means gear is worth significantly more gold than materials late-game.

While it’s possible to exclusively salvage gear in the early game when you don’t need much gold, you cannot exclusively sell items late in the game as you still require some materials. You will, however, require much more gold late-game than materials, necessitating the sale of almost all gear.

A bonus to prioritizing salvaging items early on is that you unlock new transmogs from salvaged items.

That concludes our guide on whether it is better to sell or salvage gear in Diablo 4.

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