War Thunder Players Formed a Union, Decided on a Boycott

The developers of War Thunder, Gaijin, recently made some changes to the game’s economy which were poorly received by players. The cost of vehicle repairs was significantly increased, making it difficult for non-premium players to keep up. As a result, players formed a union and organized a boycott of the game in an attempt to steer it in a more community-friendly direction.

The Seeds of Insurrection

After backlash from players, Gaijin walked back their planned changes and issued an apology while promising more transparency. However, many players were skeptical of this and saw it as a temporary move to stop the negative reviews. In response, players formed the War Thunder Players Union with the goal of a boycott to inform Gaijin of their complaints.

The boycott was scheduled for May 26th, but its impact was not quantifiable. Steam player counts remained high, and union members were seen playing the game on Discord, leading to accusations of fraud to artificially boost player counts. Union leaders eventually resigned due to disillusionment and complaints from members, leaving the future of the union uncertain.

Where Does War Thunder Go From Here?

Despite the failed boycott, Gaijin is proceeding with planned reworks and the War Thunder community has moved on. The War Thunder Player Union community is also diminishing in activity, with factions within the group promoting different agendas. Gaijin has taken notice of the intent, if not the execution, of the movement and may factor it into future decisions.