Evil Spirit Armor location in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom features some tough armor sets to obtain, one of them being the Evil Spirit Armor. This armor set comprises of three pieces – Evil Spirit Greaves, Evil Spirit Mask, and Evil Spirit Armor – each of which requires maneuvering labyrinth puzzles and defeating bosses. But, once you’ve got all three pieces, it’ll up your stealth abilities and provide good defense buffs, and a unique quirk to make bone weapons hit harder. This guide will walk you through the three locations and offer some tips to prepare for the journey.

Tips to Prepare for the Journey

Before you embark on your adventure, make sure you bring along some stamina elixirs, at least five, to keep you going in the sky labyrinths. If you’re concerned about directions and getting lost in the maze, use the Travel Medallion and plunk it at the top of the labyrinth before beginning your journey. After activating one of the ring keys, fast travel back to the top of the roof, run over to the next one, and repeat the process. Be prepared to face Flux Construct III bosses at the bottom of each labyrinth. These bosses function the same as weaker Flux Construct bosses but can easily deplete seven or more hearts. Do take extra wood bundles and Hylian Pinecones to help navigate through the labyrinths.

Remember, you can’t climb every wall in the sky labyrinths, but there are some walls you can climb. Climbing the walls using the small ridges as a foothold will help you reach the top and offer a chance to reorient yourself if you’re lost. Finally, head to the underside of the Lomei Labyrinth in Akkala first. Here, you’ll find Gloom Hands and Phantom Ganon drop the powerful Gloom Club. Use a Black Moblin or Horriblin Horn for an added punch to take down a Flux Construct III boss in fewer than ten hits.

Evil Spirit Armor Legs Piece Location

The Evil Spirit Greaves are located in the North Lomei Labyrinth, in the far eastern part of Hebra, similar to Breath of the Wild. This labyrinth has lesser complex puzzles to navigate through, and you can even get through to the castle in the sky with just one stamina wheel, because almost every route leads to the next key device. See our North Lomei Labyrinth guide for more details on each step. Once you get to the depths, cook or eat a meal that boosts your attack, and move towards the boss arena. However, hold on, you can fire two bomb flower arrows, or four if you have a dual-shot bow, and land critical hits before the battle begins. After defeating the boss, interact with the ring device, and the chest containing the Evil Spirit Greaves will pop up. This piece has a base value of 4 plus defense and increases your stealth.

Evil Spirit Armor Head Piece Location

The Evil Spirit Mask can be found in the South Lomei Labyrinth in Gerudo Desert. This labyrinth has trickier puzzles to navigate through. Check out our South Lomei Labyrinth guide for details on each of the earthly maze and the skyward one. Dive into the depths, defeat the Flux Construct III boss, and claim your prize. Do check around the rest of the building for some Zonai weapons and ascend through the roof to find a new lightroot. The Evil Spirit Mask also has a base value of +4 defense and will increase your stealth.

Evil Spirit Armor Chest Piece Location

The Evil Spirit Armor is located in Lomei Labyrinth Island, north of the Ancient Tech Lab in Akkala. Our Lomei Labyrinth Island guide walks through every step of the maze, but as a simple start, follow the acorns to reach the maze’s center and activate the ring device. Fire yourself into the air from the Ulri Mountain Skyview Tower, and angle towards the labyrinth. You’ll reach a small island with Zonai devices. Use the device there to reach the sky castle. Your goal is to activate four ring devices. The mini-map exhibits their locations as larger beige squares with a single black line, but we’ve also marked them below for your convenience. Once all the devices are active, drop down from the top of the labyrinth into the depths, take out the Construct, and claim your prize. The Evil Spirit Armor has a base value of +4 defense and will raise your stealth. Equipping the entire set allows you to blend in among Stalfos enemies, the skeletal ones, and raises the attack power of all bone weapons.

Follow our recommendations for the best armor or consult our list of all armor sets and set bonuses to discover what to find next after obtaining all three pieces of the Evil Spirit Armor.