Project Zomboid – How to Level Up Tailoring

Project Zomboid Guide: How to Level Up Your Tailoring Skill

In Project Zomboid, clothing not only defines your style and appearance but also provides protection to your body. With tailoring skills, you can personalize your clothes according to your preferences. However, leveling up tailoring skill can be challenging for some players. In this guide, we’ll show you the most effective ways to level up your tailoring skill in Project Zomboid.

Option 1: Rip Clothes

Ripping clothes is the simplest option to level up your tailoring skill. To do this, you only need to have the clothes in your inventory and select “Rip Clothing”. Although you’ll receive ripped sheets, denim strips, and leather strips every time you rip your clothes, there’s no guarantee that you’ll get thread. And without thread, you won’t be able to gain tailoring XP. To earn XP, you must obtain thread by ripping clothes. At levels 1-4, we strongly suggest reading tailoring skill books and ripping as many clothes as possible. Each piece of clothing with thread provides 0.25 XP, regardless of your current tailoring level.

Option 2: Add Padding or Repair Holes

To add padding, right-click on your clothes and select “Inspect”. Then click on each body part and choose “Add Padding”. Currently, you can add padding only to clothing, pants, and socks. You’ll receive 0.5 XP after each padding addition. Each material (ripped sheets, denim strips, and leather strips) offers different defense percentages, which increase with higher tailoring skill levels. Keep in mind that the chance of getting the padding material back after removing it will increase as your tailoring skill level grows.

At tailoring level 8, you can also fix holes in clothes with the proper materials and restore their defense, condition, and insulation. But note that some clothing items like firefighter pants or military boots cannot be repaired even at level 8 or higher.

Prerequisite Items for Leveling Up Tailoring in Project Zomboid

Before leveling up your tailoring skill, you’ll need to gather the necessary tools, materials, and valuable items:

– Needle: Essential for tailoring, you can find needles in medicine cabinets, sewing kits, or on counters.
– Thread: Acquired by ripping clothes or finding them in sheds and stores.
– Scissors: Required to tear off clothes with denim or feathers. You can find them in lockers, desks, or drawers.
– Ripped Sheets, Denim, and Leather Strips: Necessary for padding your clothes. Obtain ripped sheets by ripping clothing. Ripped denim or leather clothes give denim strips or leather strips, respectively.

Additionally, reading tailoring skill books can multiply the XP in the early stages. You can find the books in post offices, bookshelves, mailboxes, etc.

In conclusion, there are only two ways to level up your tailoring skill in Project Zomboid: ripping clothes and adding padding or repairing holes. Each method requires tailoring tools, materials, and XP-gaining tricks like reading tailoring skill books. Keep in mind that leveling up your tailoring skill is vital to survive the undead apocalypse and customize your style in the game.