How to complete Traveller’s Superstition quest in Diablo 4

Looking for guidance on how to conquer Traveller’s Superstition quest in Diablo 4? This game has a plethora of side quests with riddles, providing only minimal hints for solving each one. To succeed, players must use in-game mechanics to reveal the answer. This article will guide you through completing the Traveller’s Superstition quest by demonstrating how to pay your respects.

Solving Diablo 4’s Traveller’s Superstition Riddle

Image: PC Invasion

To activate the Traveller’s Superstition quest, find the Hastily Scrawled Note by a giant statue and a shell of a wooden ship. This statue, called Traveller’s Superstition, is located at Bosun’s Woe in the Rotspill Delta area in the Hawezar region, marked on the map above for your convenience.

Diablo 4 Hastily Scrawled Note

Image: PC Invasion

The note reads: “Show her respect, and she will surely accompany you on your way. Ignore her, and suffer the same fate as these poor fools.” So, how does one solve the Traveller’s Superstition riddle and pay their respects to avoid an untimely demise?

Hello Emote Diablo 4

Image: PC Invasion

Completing the Traveller’s Superstition quest involves following these steps:

  1. Stand in Front of the statue
  2. Open your Emote Wheel
    1. You can do so by pressing ‘E’ on the keyboard or ‘Up’ on the D-pad.
  3. Select the Customize option
  4. Select the “Hello” emote.
Hidden Chest Diablo 4

Image: PC Invasion

Using the “Hello” emote while standing in front of the statue will prompt a Hidden Chest to appear. Saying hello isn’t the same as paying your respects, but it still satisfies this game quest’s requirement. Open the Hidden Chest, and you will receive a notification that you have completed the Traveller’s Superstition quest. Trivia fact, this isn’t the only quest or riddle in Diablo 4 where you need to use the Emote wheel to solve the riddle!