Laguna Games launches Unicorn Party on mobile devices

Laguna Games Launches Unicorn Party on Mobile Devices

Laguna Games has started the launch of Unicorn Party, a sequence of easygoing games based on its Crypto Unicorn web3 games. The company originally proclaimed objectives to extend the brand onto mobile platforms previous year, later which they launched the first game, Bumpercorns, whereas releasing on Android and PC on June 6. Mob Run will be available next month.

Unicorn Party: Multiplayer PvP Game Series

Unicorn Party has been launched as an effort to board the proportion of mobile players into blockchain gaming. To date, the Crypto Unicorn collection has seen more than 140,000 NFT unicorns bred, with players obtaining rewards for persevering their creations in order to exert authority over the game to active players. Laguna aims to create its ecosystem and see its IP used by a variety of studios, allowing the association to grow into new genres.

Charging into New Worlds

Games released so far in the series offer diverse experiences. The organization is aiming to raise blockchain gaming convenient than ever before. Aron Beierschmitt, CEO of Laguna, said: “Unicorn Party creates accessibility for a wide range of players while acknowledging the exciting opportunities that decentralized technologies offer. We’re thrilled to continue building upon this vision and bringing even more fun and engaging experiences to the crypto gaming world.”

In April, the National Football League launched blockchain game NFL Rivals into early access.