League of Legends Patch 13.10 Best ADCs

The Top ADC Champions in League of Legends Patch 13.10

The ADC role in League of Legends (LoL) is essential, with Attack Damage Carries being the primary source of late-game damage. In Patch 13.10, several ADC champions stand out from the rest for their exceptional abilities. Let’s explore the unique features of these ADC powerhouses and their rankings.

Jinx (The Loose Cannon)

Jinx is an admired ADC champion for a good reason. Her exceptional damage output, long-range attacks, and game-changing global ultimate make her a popular pick. Jinx’s straightforward mechanics also make her an ideal choice for novice players. Here are some tips to help you excel while playing Jinx:

  • Manage Your Mana – Jinx’s kit is mana-consuming, so avoid randomly spamming your abilities. Save your mana for moves that matter, such as Zap! and Chompers! to escape duels.
  • Know When to Switch Weapons – It is essential to know when to use Jinx’s Minigun and when to bring out the Rocket Launcher. Use Pow Pow to whittle down enemy HP and Fishbone for multiple hits.
  • Trigger Your Passive – Jinx gains extra attack and movement speed when she takes down an enemy champion, epic monster, or turret. Prioritize taking down the foe or objective with the lowest HP.

Aphelios (The Weapon of Faithful)

Aphelios is an extraordinary ADC, armed with five different weapons in a pre-determined order, each possessing unique abilities. Learning Aphelios requires substantial dedication, rendering him a challenging option for newcomers. Here are some tips to master Aphelios and become a force to be reckoned with in the bot lane:

  • Know the Right Combinations – Knowing which of Aphelios’s guns pair well together will allow you to be more lethal and effective.
  • Be Mindful of the Current Active Guns – Use each of Aphelios’s guns for their specific purpose efficiently.

Ezreal (The Prodigal Explorer)

Ezreal’s exceptional mobility defines his prowess as an ADC, with an extended attack range that ensures a safe and reliable pick in most scenarios. However, mastering him requires time and practice. Here are some tips to help you excel while playing Ezreal:

  • Maintain Your Distance – Keep a safe distance during team fights because enemies will focus you down.
  • Focus on Scaling – Be sure to farm minions to scale up, allowing you to stabilize your build.
  • Use Your Blink Carefully – Only use Ezreal’s blink ability when necessary to avoid leaving yourself vulnerable to attacks.

Miss Fortune (The Bounty Hunter)

Miss Fortune is a dominant force during the game’s early stages, with excellent damage output and crowd control ability that facilitates deadly setups for her team. Here are some tips to get the most out of Miss Fortune:

  • Positioning is Everything – Good positioning is essential for Miss Fortune to use her abilities efficiently.

Jhin (The Virtuoso)

Jhin’s gameplay mechanics revolve around a deliberately slow attack speed, offset by the tremendous impact of his shots, giving him an advantage over other ADCs. His crowd-control abilities enhance his team-fighting capabilities, cementing his status as an excellent choice for coordinated engagements. Here are some tips to help you excel while playing Jhin:

  • Use Your Empowered Attack Effectively – Use Jhin’s primary attack on high-priority targets.
  • Make Every Shot Count – Avoid changing targets, ensuring your bullets and skills connect to a high-priority threat.

Kai’Sa (Daughter of the Void)

Kai’Sa’s unparalleled versatility allows her to adapt to diverse situations. Her impressive damage output and substantial attack range make her an effective carry whether she is built AP or AD. Here are some tips to help you excel while playing Kai’Sa:

  • Adjust Your Build – Be flexible with your build to adjust to the enemy team’s conditions.
  • Focus on Farming – Focus on farming minions to scale up quickly.

Tristana (The Yordle Gunner)

Tristana is an explosive force in the late game wielding immense damage potential. Her jump ability helps escape from danger or pursue retreating enemies. Her straightforward mechanics make her an ideal choice for novice players.

  • Focus on Triggering the Explosive Charges – Trigger Tristana’s Explosive Charge to take out most enemies.