Street Fighter 6 Tournaments, Early Summer Vibes Fighting Pass Delayed

Street Fighter 6 online functionality facing delays

Capcom has announced the delay of online tournaments in Street Fighter 6 due to instability in the game’s online network. The release of the game’s first fighting pass, “Early Summer Vibes,” set to launch on June 9, 2023, has also been delayed until further notice. Capcom made an official statement on their website, acknowledging the current instability plaguing the game and their decision to suspend all upcoming tournaments for the meantime. More details on the matter will be provided once a period of suspension has been scheduled. Similarly, Capcom has not decided on a new release date for the “Early Summer Vibes” Fighting Pass. The development team is currently investigating the cause of the network-related issues, and an announcement will be made once the team finds a fix. Capcom has apologized for any inconvenience the delay may have caused and has expressed gratitude for the players’ patience throughout their investigation.

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