What happens when you die in Diablo 4? Explained

What Happens When You Die in Diablo 4?

Compared to its predecessor, Diablo 4 has a significant increase in difficulty that will cause you to die a lot. As a player, you may be anxious about the consequences of your character’s failure. This article will give you the definitive answer to the question of what lies beyond the veil of death in Diablo 4.

Death Consequences in Diablo 4

Death consequences in Diablo 4 vary based on the difficulty setting you choose between Normal and Hardcore. For Normal characters, dying will result in being sent back to a checkpoint, unless revived by another player within seconds of death. Moreover, all equipped gear will lose 10 points of durability. Durability in Diablo 4 reduces not through use in combat, but rather through death. Each gear has 100 durability, losing 10 points per death, and considered “broken” when it reaches zero. Broken gear can be repaired at a blacksmith, but the cost of repair increases based on the amount of durability lost.

The obscurity of durability stats in Diablo 4 means you won’t have to deal with it until death. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to repair your gear regularly in between quests and dungeon runs, ensuring they are functioning optimally.

Death Consequences for Hardcore Characters in Diablo 4

In Diablo 4, death for a Hardcore character is a different story. If a Hardcore character dies, it will be permanently deleted from the save file, along with all of its items and equipment. It’s a severe penalty, but it comes with the upside of increasing your chances of finding rare loot, and the opportunity to be commemorated in the Hall of Heroes should you surpass level 10.

Knowing what happens when you die in Diablo 4 is essential for gameplay as it will ultimately enhance your overall experience of the game. Be better prepared and much more careful, especially if you’re a Hardcore player. Happy gaming!