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Generative AI Tool ChatGPT Achieves 5 Million Downloads, Including 351,000 in the UK

The official iOS app for the generative AI tool ChatGPT has reached a milestone of 5 million downloads worldwide, with 351,000 of those downloads coming from the UK as of June 2023.’s latest data highlights the tool’s popularity since its transition to mobile. With its ability to generate text-based responses for various prompts, ChatGPT has attracted a substantial user base, leading to the development of numerous spin-offs and copycats. The official release of the mobile app was highly anticipated and has proven to be a success.

In addition to the UK, ChatGPT has also gained significant traction in Japan, boasting 683,000 downloads. This growing user base reflects a widespread interest in AI technology, with ChatGPT serving as a prominent example of its capabilities. The app’s popularity indicates that audiences worldwide are eager to explore the potential benefits and risks associated with AI.

The Controversy Surrounding Artificial Intelligence

While generative AI, such as ChatGPT, continues to be a subject of controversy, its application in various fields, including writing and game development, remains a topic of ongoing discussion. Some game developers, like Kwalee, have embraced the technology and incorporated it into their design process, allowing teams to leverage AI resources collaboratively. However, critics in creative industries, such as art, have raised concerns about the use of pre-existing images without permission, as seen in models like Midjourney.

Creative professionals worried about AI replacing game developers can find comfort in the words of Nikolay Minaiev, CEO of iLoogo Studios. In a conversation with guest author Alexander Goldybin, Minaiev assures concerned individuals that complete substitution of game developers by AI is unlikely in the near future. He emphasizes that game development is a multidisciplinary process that involves storytelling, art design, gameplay mechanics, level design, and sound engineering, making it a highly creative endeavor.