How to get the Tempest Razorback rifle in MW2, Warzone and DMZ

Unlocking the Tempest Razorback Rifle in Call of Duty MW2, Warzone, and DMZ

Season Four of Call of Duty MW2, Warzone, and DMZ brings a plethora of new content drops, including weapons and a new battle pass. If you’re a fan of the series or a newcomer, now is the perfect time to dive in. One weapon in particular, the Tempest Razorback assault rifle, has the potential to revolutionize gunplay in these games. Whether you’re dominating your opponents in MW2 and Warzone or trying to survive the longest in DMZ, this gun may be the key to success. Read on to learn how to obtain the Tempest Razorback rifle in MW2, Warzone, and DMZ.

How to Unlock the Tempest Razorback Rifle in Warzone and DMZ

Season Four has introduced some powerful weapons, adding even more variety to the meta. The Tempest Razorback assault rifle falls into the assault rifle category, which is already known for its strength with options like the ISO Hemlock and the M13B. The Tempest Razorback offers impressive control and damage, making it a threat in any situation. Unlike some weapons that require extensive upgrades to reach their full potential, the Tempest Razorback performs remarkably well right out of the box. Activision has described it as a versatile weapon, allowing players to adapt to any scenario with ease.

If you’re eager to obtain the Tempest Razorback rifle, the good news is that it is relatively easy to acquire. In MW2, simply play the main game, while in Warzone and DMZ, you need to level up. However, you must also level up the Season Four Battle Pass in order to unlock the Tempest Razorback. The weapon can be found in the free section of the Battle Pass, so there’s no need to spend real-life money to obtain it. Look for the highlighted Sector D13 in the Battle Pass, which indicates that it is free. Alternatively, if you don’t mind spending a few extra dollars, you can purchase the BlackCell to skip the Battle Pass for Season Four.