All timed events in Diablo 4, explained

Diablo 4: Unleash Chaos with Timed Events and Helltide Challenges

Diablo 4 is a game that can both inspire and frustrate, depending on your perspective. As you embark on your missions, you’ll discover a multitude of sidetracking events along the way, making it a procrastinator’s nightmare or eternal joy. Personally, I find myself irresistibly drawn to these distractions, resulting in being massively overpowered before I even reach my intended destination. One of the highlights of Diablo 4 for me are the timed events, which offer a thrilling and chaotic experience.

Exploring Diablo 4’s Timed Gathering Legion Events

Throughout your journey in Diablo 4, you’ll occasionally come across circular icons on the map. These icons signify the start of a timed event. If you decide to participate, you’ll discover an area teeming with other players, creating a thrilling and chaotic atmosphere.

The Timed Gathering Legion Events in Diablo 4 offer not only rewards but also an exhilarating battle against hordes of demonic foes. Prepare yourself for intense combat that may push your GPU to its limits, causing your FPS to drop. However, the presence of other players often makes the battle easier. You have until the timer runs out to join the timed Gathering Legion Event in Diablo 4.

The battle is divided into four stages. Initially, everyone must defeat the first wave of enemies before the timer expires. Accomplishing this task will summon the Miniboss. Beware, as the challenge is still significant, even with a large group of players surrounding the Harbinger. Two more waves and minibosses must be defeated within the time limit to achieve mastery. The rewards for mastering the event are excellent. Finally, when the timer runs out, the Overlord will appear, heralding the end of the timed Gathering Legion Event.

Reap the Rewards from Timed Gathering Legion Events

In Diablo 4, loot holds immense value, and the Gathering Legion Events do not disappoint. Completing the event grants you one Radiant chest, while achieving mastery awards you three chests. These chests contain a variety of valuable items including gear, Murmuring Orbs, gold, gems, and crafting materials. Rest assured, you will be rewarded generously for your efforts in a timed Gathering Legion Event.

Embrace the Chaos of Diablo 4’s Helltide Events


Once you have completed the main storyline and reached world tier 3, you will gain access to Helltide events in Diablo 4. These events occur randomly every 75 minutes and last for an hour. You can identify a Helltide event by the red coloring around a specific region and the Helltide icon. These events offer an intense challenge, with the sky raining fire and brimstone as waves of bosses and enemies, including fearsome foes like the Butcher, come at you relentlessly. A countdown timer will be displayed next to your map during the event.

While Helltide events are late-game content, they are a tremendous source of excitement. They also provide an excellent opportunity to target specific gear for your build. The rewards from Helltide events in Diablo 4 are some of the best in the game.

Unlock Rewarding Chests in Timed Helltide Events


During a Helltide event, you will encounter Aberrant Cinders, dropped by defeated foes and completed events. These cinders are essential for unlocking special chests scattered around the map. Each chest can only be opened once during the event and requires 75 Aberrant Cinders. Here are the types of chests you can unlock:

  • The Tortured Gifts of Jewelry – Contains rings and amulets.
  • Tortured Gifts of Protection – Contains armor.
  • Tortured Gift of Weaponry (Light and Heavy) – Contains 1 or 2-handed weapons, respectively.

Each chest indicates the specific slot it will fill, allowing you to farm for a particular piece of gear during the timed event. Additionally, there is a fourth chest available for 175 Aberrant Cinders called the Tortured Gifts of Mystery. Opening this chest provides a chance to obtain a random item, with a possibility of it being Ancestral. The extra cost is well worth the opportunity to acquire top-level gear in Diablo 4, but be prepared for the challenging trials that await you during the timed event.