Diablo 4’s Nightmare Dungeons Will Be Getting A Big Efficiency Boost Ahead Of Season 1

Diablo IV’s Nightmare Dungeons to Receive Significant Buff Ahead of First Season

Blizzard has recently announced that they will be giving a major boost to Diablo IV’s Nightmare Dungeons in preparation for the game’s upcoming first season. In a “fireside” chat on Twitch, game director Joe Shely discussed recent hotfixes that made farming normal dungeons less efficient for leveling up and acquiring items. In order to make Nightmare Dungeons more appealing and a vital part of Diablo IV’s endgame content, Blizzard will be enhancing the amount of XP rewarded by these dungeons.

In order to improve the overall efficiency of Nightmare Dungeons, Blizzard has also recognized the need to reduce the time it takes to travel to these dungeons. Currently, players have to travel to the nearest waypoint and then manually run to the dungeon entrance. However, Blizzard plans to introduce Nightmare Sigils that will create a waypoint directly to the corresponding dungeon, significantly reducing travel time and making Nightmare Dungeons more efficient for farming.

These changes are expected to be implemented before the release of Diablo IV’s first season, which is scheduled for mid to late July. Additionally, Blizzard has plans to introduce account-wide map and Altar of Lilith progress alongside the release of Season 1. This means that new characters will automatically receive the Renown associated with uncovering the map and unlocking Altars of Lilith from a previous character.

Further changes, such as adjustments to resistances (a stat currently considered less valuable by high-level players) and treating gems as currency instead of inventory items, will be implemented closer to the release of Season 2. Blizzard has committed to releasing new seasons for Diablo IV every three months, each featuring new gameplay elements and a unique seasonal questline.

Diablo IV has been an overwhelming success for Blizzard, surpassing $666 million in sales within its first five days and becoming the fastest-selling game in the company’s history spanning over 30 years. In addition to the upcoming seasons, Blizzard has also confirmed that two Diablo IV expansions are already in development.