Rockstar Games Co-founder Dan Houser Reveals New Studio, Absurd Ventures

Houser Reveals Absurd Ventures: A New Studio for Narrative Worlds

Former Rockstar Games co-founder, Dan Houser, has recently announced the establishment of his new studio, Absurd Ventures. Houser, known for his work on popular franchises like Red Dead Redemption and Grand Theft Auto, left Rockstar in 2020 after taking an extended break starting in 2019. The co-founder’s last day at Rockstar was on March 11 after a successful partnership with his brother, Sam Houser, which began in 1998.

After three years, Dan Houser has finally unveiled Absurd Ventures. The studio’s primary focus is on developing narrative worlds, creating compelling characters, and crafting engaging stories in a diverse range of genres. Absurd Ventures aims to produce various forms of media, including live-action and animated productions, video games, interactive content, books, graphic novels, and scripted podcasts.

Despite showcasing its unique style on its official website, Absurd Ventures has yet to announce any specific projects at this time. However, with its ambitious goals and emphasis on storytelling, fans and enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting news of their first ventures.

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