HyperX Cloud III Review – IGN

HyperX Introduces the HyperX Cloud III: A Feature-Packed Gaming Headset

HyperX is proud to announce the latest addition to its Cloud gaming headset lineup, the HyperX Cloud III. This model builds upon the success and legacy of its predecessors, offering a range of upgrades while maintaining the affordable price point of $100. With its enhanced design, exceptional performance, and versatile compatibility, the HyperX Cloud III is set to impress both casual gamers and dedicated enthusiasts alike.

Design and Features

Keeping true to its signature two-tone color scheme, the HyperX Cloud III retains the classic red and black combination. However, the design is more refined and sleek, with the red elements appearing more subtle. The closed-back ear cups are now held together with red, metal yokes, giving the headset a sophisticated look. The headband no longer features two-tone stitching, opting for a cleaner aesthetic. For those who prefer a more understated style, HyperX also offers an all-black model. Despite its simple design, the Cloud III is lightweight, sturdy, and provides a comfortable fit.

Functionality and Connectivity

The HyperX Cloud III features several functional upgrades that enhance the overall gaming experience. The headset boasts a detachable microphone with excellent voice clarity, ensuring a seamless communication experience with teammates. Additionally, the microphone is flexible and well-built, with an integrated mesh filter for improved sound quality. The Cloud III comes with a single, braided 3.5mm cable, providing flexibility for various devices. However, HyperX includes a USB-C DAC for an extended 4.26 feet of cable length and enhanced connectivity options. This USB-C DAC is compatible with PC, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and smartphones.

Software Integration

For Windows users, the HyperX Cloud III can be used in conjunction with the Ngenuity app. While the app is exclusive to Windows, it offers several features that enhance the headset’s performance. These include mic monitoring (although it might not work in all instances) and DTS Headphone:X Spatial Audio. The app also allows users to customize the EQ settings to suit their preferences. Although the app is Windows-exclusive, there are alternative methods available for EQ customization.

Gaming and Performance

HyperX has maintained the high audio quality that has become synonymous with their gaming headsets. The Cloud III delivers immersive audio for games, movies, and music, offering a well-balanced sound experience. The headset provides robust bass for a heightened sense of action, while maintaining clear mid and high frequencies for precise audio interpretation. With its impressive volume capabilities and excellent audio presentation, the Cloud III excels in delivering an immersive gaming experience.

Final Thoughts and Pricing

The HyperX Cloud III is the latest addition to HyperX’s successful lineup of gaming headsets. With its sleek design, functional features, and exceptional audio performance, it offers a remarkable value for its $100 price tag. Whether you’re a casual gamer or a dedicated enthusiast, the HyperX Cloud III is a reliable choice that delivers on both style and substance.

You can purchase the HyperX Cloud III for $99 from the official HyperX website. It is available in both black and red-black color options.