How do the Campfires work in Diablo 4

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Are you aware of the significance of Campfires in Diablo 4? These Campfires are not just mere decorations; they offer numerous intriguing discoveries and activities within Sanctuary. If you encounter a Campfire that can be interacted with, it is highly recommended not to overlook it. This article will provide a detailed explanation of how Campfires function in Diablo 4.

Understanding the Purpose of Campfires in Diablo 4

While playing Diablo 4, you will come across Legion events at some point. These events often feature a Campfire, and by stoking it, you can enjoy various beneficial effects. If you notice a peculiar white icon on your map along with a ticking time bar, it indicates the presence of an overworld Legion event. Keep in mind that you have limited time (usually five minutes or less) to reach the event location, where you will team up with other online players.

It is advisable to reach the Legion event before it commences, as interacting with the Campfire will prove advantageous during subsequent battles. When you stoke the fire, your character receives an experience (XP) bonus, with a maximum limit of 15%. This feature ensures that you can earn significantly more XP than usual once the Legion event begins.

How Do The Campfires Work In Diablo 4 Buff

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The only drawback of utilizing Campfires is their limited range. To avail the bonus, make sure you engage in combat within close proximity to the Campfire. But how close do you need to be? Look above your hotbar and locate the area where buffs appear.

If you can view your Campfire bonus in that area, it signifies that you are within its radius. Additionally, take note of the number displayed on top of the Campfire. The earlier you reach the event location and the longer you stoke the fire before the event commences, the closer you will be to attaining the full 15% buff.

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