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The Dubai GameExpo Summit – An Unmissable Gaming Conference Experience

The Dubai GameExpo Summit, in partnership with Dubai’s Department of Economy and Tourism (DET), is set to begin tomorrow. This exciting conference brings together the best of the global gaming industry in the vibrant and high-flying city of Dubai. With star speakers and informative sessions, this two-day event on June 21-22 promises to deliver essential mobile gaming knowhow.

Hosted as part of the Dubai Esports and Games Festival 2023 (DEF 2023), the GameExpo Summit powered by PG Connects will take place at the Dubai Exhibition Centre, located within Expo City Dubai.

A World-Class Lineup of Speakers

The summit boasts more than 100 renowned games industry speakers from all over the world. These experts will share their insights, participate in panel discussions, and lead seminars across various tracks. Attendees can expect the same invaluable learning and networking opportunities that are synonymous with Pocket Gamer Connects events.

One of the notable speakers at the show is Soham Thacker, the founder and CEO of Gamerji. Thacker, an experienced entrepreneur, created Gamerji in 2019 with the intention of bridging the gap between aspiring gamers and professional leagues. We caught up with him before the event to discuss his talk and gather his thoughts on the current state of esports.

Scaling Grassroot Esports and Showcasing Gamer Skills

When asked about his upcoming talk at the Dubai GameExpo Summit, Thacker shared, “I would like to share my thoughts on how grassroot esports can be scaled and how gamers can get a chance to showcase their skills. The primary motivation is to be a part of the panel that provides insights on how esports has evolved as a competitive sport and how gaming is reaching the masses. I also hope to shed light on how esports can become a profitable business.”

Insights from Soham Thacker

During the interview, Thacker also addressed several key questions about the gaming industry:

  1. The most common mistake made in the games sector: Thacker pointed out that many games fail due to a focus solely on revenues and a lack of proper distribution and revenue models.
  2. Advice for mobile games companies: Instead of spending excessively on marketing, Thacker advises targeting the right audience with smart distribution to unlock the industry’s immense potential.
  3. The next big opportunities in the mobile games market: Thacker believes that focusing on developing regions, such as the Middle East and Southeast Asia, where there is a large audience and high acceptance of mobile games, presents significant opportunities.
  4. The most important KPI for Thacker: He considers the ratio between average revenue per customer and acquisition cost as the most critical key performance indicator. Vanity metrics such as the number of users or sessions only matter if the business has positive unit economics.
  5. Thacker’s biggest aspiration in mobile gaming: He aims to build a platform that provides equal opportunities for aspiring gamers to showcase their skills and pursue careers in gaming and esports.
  6. The company Thacker admires most in the mobile games world: Tencent.
  7. The next big disruptor in mobile games: Thacker predicts the introduction of VR for mobile games will revolutionize the industry.
  8. The single biggest challenge facing the mobile games industry: Dependency on Apple and Google stores.

Thacker also shared his insights on NFTs, hypercasual gaming, cloud gaming, and much more. To learn more about his views and the Dubai GameExpo Summit, visit here.