Popular Fortnite streamer Tfue takes indefinite hiatus from streaming

Streamer Tfue Announces Break from Gaming and Streaming

Turner “Tfue” Tenney, a well-known streamer in the world of Fortnite with over 11 million Twitch subscribers and a former member of Faze Clan, recently revealed his decision to take a serious break from gaming and streaming. In an emotional YouTube video, Tfue expressed his exhaustion from the constant grind of creating content.

During the 40-minute video, Tfue shared footage from his initial Twitch livestreams and YouTube videos, reflecting on his first impressions of Fortnite, a game he initially dismissed as being for kids. He cited the reasons for his hiatus, highlighting the lack of time he has had for activities beyond gaming due to six to eight-hour workdays. At 25 years old, Tfue confessed, “I used gaming to kind of escape from reality. Now I use reality to escape from f**king work. I just feel f**king kinda trapped sometimes, you know?”

In addition, Tfue expressed his gratitude towards his fans, acknowledging his eight-year journey as a Twitch partner. However, he ultimately recognized the need for a break, stating, “I just need to take time off, you know.” Tfue also expressed his appreciation for his family’s support throughout his early career and credited several livestreamers who played a role in his success. Concluding the video, he promised, “I’ll be back someday.”

Tfue has been a content creator since at least 2014 and gained popularity through livestreaming Fortnite, establishing himself as one of the top streamers in the battle royale genre. He joined the Faze Clan content collective in 2018 but filed a lawsuit against the organization in 2019, alleging withheld revenue from brand deals. That same year, Tfue made headlines for using a racial slur during a Minecraft livestream. Despite the incident, Twitch did not publicly respond at the time.

Livestreaming on Twitch is an incredibly challenging path to sustainable income, even for the most popular streamers. Maintaining a full-time streaming schedule is essential for staying relevant and earning ad revenue. Tfue’s decision to step away comes at a time when other high-profile content creators are securing lucrative deals with streaming platforms like Kick, highlighting the demanding nature of livestreaming on Twitch.