Where to find and farm Lifesbane in Diablo 4

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Discovering rare resources in Diablo 4 can be a challenging task. While certain herbs like Gallowvine are abundant throughout Sanctuary, others like Blightshade are limited to specific regions. If you’re on the hunt for Lifesbane, a crucial resource for crafting elixirs and upgrading health potions, I’ll share with you the best locations to find and farm it in Diablo 4.

Lifesbane: A Native Resource of Kehjistan

In the world of Diablo 4, each region harbors unique herbs, and Lifesbane happens to be native to Kehjistan, the southwestern area of Sanctuary. This versatile herb can be used in various elixirs and incenses, as well as for enhancing your health potions. But where exactly can you discover and gather Lifesbane while traversing Kehjistan in Diablo 4?

Since Lifesbane doesn’t have specific respawn points, it can be randomly found anywhere in Kehjistan. However, due to the predominantly arid desert landscape of this region, Lifesbane is not as commonly encountered. If you explore the greener areas of Kehjistan, you’ll have a higher chance of stumbling upon this valuable herb.

Where To Find And Farm Lifesbane In Diablo 4 Refine Resources

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If you’re not keen on the challenges of scavenging for Lifesbane, there’s an alternative method for acquiring this herb. Simply visit any Alchemist and take advantage of their Resource Refining service. This allows you to convert multiple herbs into Lifesbane. For refining Lifesbane, you’ll need five Gallowvine and 200 Gold, which is a reasonable exchange.

Considering how widespread Gallowvine is and the minimal cost of 200 Gold, I personally prefer refining my resources. However, it’s always wise to collect any herb you come across during your travels in Sanctuary.

Boosting your health potions is essential for efficient leveling, and having a Weak Assault Elixir, which requires Lifesbane, on hand is always beneficial. Remember to diligently search for Lifesbane whenever you’re exploring Kehjistan.

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