Vampire Survivors getting four-player couch co-op in free August update

Vampire Survivors, an RPG game developed by Poncle, is set to receive a free update on August 17th for Xbox, PC, and Switch. The update will introduce four-player couch co-op, allowing players to enjoy the game together on the same sofa. Whether playing solo or in co-op mode, players will have access to all game updates and DLC. Achievements can also be unlocked while playing with friends.

Vampire Survivors’ couch co-op trailer.

In a FAQ accompanying the announcement, Poncle shared more information about the co-op mode. All co-op players will be visible on the same screen without split-screen support, and they will share a “level up” bar, taking turns to level up. Additionally, players will have a few opportunities to sabotage their teammates.

While online co-op is not officially supported, PC players can still achieve similar results online using platforms like Steam Remote Play Together. PC players will have the chance to try out the new co-op mode on Steam’s new-engine branch before its official release on August 17th. This date coincides with the release of the Switch version, as announced during the Nintendo Direct.