Harry Potter: Magic Awakened to be released globally on June 27 | Pocket Gamer.biz

NetEase and Warner Bros. Games Set to Launch Harry Potter: Magic Awakened Worldwide on June 27

After its successful release in Asia nearly two years ago, the highly anticipated collectible card game Harry Potter: Magic Awakened is finally making its global debut on Android and iOS devices. Developed by NetEase and Warner Bros. Games, the game initially launched in China in September 2021 before expanding to other territories. Despite its limited availability, it quickly became a massive hit, generating over $228 million in revenue in less than two months. In fact, Magic Awakened played a significant role in pushing the Harry Potter franchise’s mobile revenue past the $1 billion mark. Now, players worldwide can experience the magic when the game launches on June 27.

Free-to-Play Card Game with Familiar Elements

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened brings together beloved elements from the franchise, including iconic locations and the ability to select your Hogwarts house. Players can engage in epic card battles using their favorite characters and spells. And the best part? The game will be free-to-play, allowing fans to immerse themselves in the Wizarding World without breaking the bank.

Successful Soft-Launch and Pre-Registration Milestone

Prior to its global launch, the game underwent a successful soft-launch in select territories, including Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. During this phase, pre-registration opened, attracting a whopping two million downloads within the first month. The anticipation for the worldwide release has been immense, and fans are excited to finally dive into the magical universe of Harry Potter on their mobile devices.

Avoiding Controversy: Magic Awakened’s Advantage

While mobile game launches based on JK Rowling’s work have faced backlash due to the author’s controversial views on the transgendered community, Magic Awakened seems to have avoided the same level of scrutiny. Unlike console and PC release Hogwarts Legacy, which faced calls for boycotts earlier this year, the mobile game has flown under the radar of critics. This has allowed fans to focus on the enchanting gameplay and innovative features without distraction.

Join the Magic: Pre-Register Now!

The wait is almost over! With the global launch of Harry Potter: Magic Awakened just around the corner, fans can finally embark on their own magical journey. Pre-registration is currently open, and interested players can secure their spot in the Wizarding World. Don’t miss your chance to experience the wonder, excitement, and adventure of Harry Potter: Magic Awakened.