How to craft and upgrade weapons and gear in Final Fantasy 16

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How to Craft and Upgrade Weapons and Gear in Final Fantasy 16

Final Fantasy 16 immerses players in a harsh world where political intrigue and ferocious creatures ensure that only a select few heroes can survive. One such hero is Clive, the protagonist of the game. Clive faces immense challenges throughout his journey and requires the best equipment he can acquire, craft, or forge. This guide will provide you with information on how to craft and upgrade weapons and gear in Final Fantasy 16.

As the game commences and players are introduced to Clive, there are limited options available to enhance his abilities. Fortunately, early battles pose little threat. However, the difficulty ramps up quickly, especially if players fail to seize opportunities to improve their equipment and neglect learning crucial healing techniques.

To craft and upgrade weapons and gear in Final Fantasy 16, you need to locate the blacksmith who can assist you in this endeavor. The blacksmith, named Blackthorne, operates at the Hideaway. You gain access to this base of operations a few hours into the campaign, after Clive joins a resistance effort and encounters a helpful gentleman.

Final Fantasy 16 Reinforcing Weapon At The Black Hammer

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Once at the Hideaway, you have the opportunity to meet Blackthorne, a gruff blacksmith who reluctantly agrees to enhance your gear at his shop, the Black Hammer. However, you must provide him with the necessary recipes, which you acquire automatically as the story campaign progresses. Occasionally, you may also discover recipes while engaging in side activities.

The Black Hammer presents two primary tabs: Craftable Items and Reinforceable Items. Both options require specific crafting materials. These materials are typically obtained by defeating monsters, whether on the main path or within side missions.

Final Fantasy 16 Meeting Charon At Shop In The Hideaway

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At times, you may face the dilemma of choosing between upgrading equipment that is nearing its maximum usefulness or enhancing a different piece of gear with a longer lifespan. Weapons and armor initially possess regular names but can be enhanced up to twice. For example, a Longsword can become Longsword +1 and eventually Longsword +2. Beyond that point, you will need to replace it with newer gear.

The game occasionally notifies you when new recipes become available. I recommend revisiting the Hideaway every few missions to explore the new options. Additionally, make sure to consult Charon, who operates a shop called Charon’s Toll at the Hideaway. She sells equipment that may be worth purchasing and upgrading at the Black Hammer. It is advisable to assess both locations before deciding where to invest your resources.

Final Fantasy 16 is available on the PlayStation 5.