Stardew Valley – Best Crops to Grow in the Greenhouse

The Greenhouse in Stardew Valley: A Farming Cheat Sheet

The Greenhouse in Stardew Valley is an incredible asset for farmers. It offers the unique ability to grow crops regardless of the season or weather, making it a valuable space for maximizing profits. However, due to limited space, it’s crucial to carefully choose the crops you plant inside. In this guide, we’ll explore the best crops for the Greenhouse and how to make a substantial amount of money quickly.

Best Crops to Grow in the Greenhouse

When it comes to profitability in the late game, the Starfruit and the Ancient Fruit are the top choices for the Greenhouse in Stardew Valley. If these options aren’t available, Hops and Strawberries are also excellent alternatives.


Hops are a simple Summer crop that can be purchased from Pierre’s on the first day of the season. The great thing about Hops is that they regrow every day and can be turned into Pale Ale, a highly profitable item. While there are some drawbacks to growing Hops, such as the need for consistent effort and limited space due to their growth pattern, the potential profits outweigh these challenges. With 74 Hops Planters inside the Greenhouse, you can earn a daily profit of 22,200 g.


Strawberries are the best Spring crop in Stardew Valley and are exclusively available during the Egg Festival on Spring 13. Despite the higher initial cost of 100 g per seed, Strawberries offer an incredible return on investment. Each Strawberry sells for 120 g and can be turned into Wine, selling for 360 g. With a maximum of 116 plants in the Greenhouse, you can earn 41,760 g every 4 days, resulting in a daily profit of 10,440 g.


The Starfruit is one of the most profitable crops in Stardew Valley but is difficult to obtain in the early game. Purchasable from the Oasis for 400 g, the Starfruit can be transformed into Starfruit Wine, which sells for a substantial amount. With consistent effort and replanting every 13 days, the Greenhouse filled with Starfruit can earn you a remarkable profit of at least 214,000 g every 13 days, equivalent to 16,508 g per day.

Ancient Fruit

Ancient Fruit is widely regarded as the best crop in Stardew Valley for both the farm and the Greenhouse. While obtaining Ancient Fruit seeds can be challenging, once acquired, they offer consistently high profits. With a growth time of 28 days and subsequent regrowth every 7 days, Ancient Fruit can be sold for 550 g or transformed into Wine, selling for 1,650 g. By planting 116 Ancient Fruit Seeds in the Greenhouse, you can earn a weekly profit of 191,400 g, equivalent to 27,343 g per day.

Considering the profitability and effort required for each crop, the Greenhouse in Stardew Valley provides options for both relaxed and ambitious players. Whether you choose to be laid-back with Strawberries or maximize profits with hard work through Hops or Ancient Fruit, the Greenhouse is an essential tool for any serious farmer.