Feast of the Departed Warriors Guide

Feast of the Departed Warriors: A Challenging Event in Genshin Impact

Feast of the Departed Warriors is an event in Genshin Impact that caters to combat-oriented players. It introduces three powerful world bosses: the Electro Manifestation, the Aeonblight Drake, and the Coral Defenders. These bosses are not your usual overworld encounters, as they are souped-up versions that can be further strengthened to provide an even greater challenge. The event offers rewarding points and bragging rights for those who can defeat these formidable enemies.

Event Overview

To participate in the Feast of the Departed Warriors event, players must have reached at least Adventure Rank 30 and completed the Archon Quest “Song of the Dragon and Freedom.” The event takes place in Falcon Coast and can be directly teleported to. Upon entering, players will have the option to choose from the available bosses on the left side. As of now, only two bosses are available: Descaling: Thundering Grief and Piety: Calamity of Blazing Steel.

On the right side of the screen, players can view their previous record, best time, and the rewards they can obtain. The bottom right corner allows players to adjust the difficulty level and enemy’s stats. Players can choose from four difficulty options: Easy, Normal, Hard, and Expert, each with their own score multiplier and enemy level. Additionally, players can choose to boost the enemy’s stats for increased points upon defeating them.

Preparing for Battle

Before engaging in the boss battles, players can select three buffs to aid them during the challenge. It is crucial to be well-prepared and strategize accordingly. Players can also choose to team up with a friend for assistance. However, this feature comes with its considerations, as it limits the team to two characters. On the other hand, having a friend can double the potential DPS, making it a valuable emergency option.

Boss Battle: Descaling: Thundering Grief

The first boss in the Feast of the Departed Warriors event is the Crackling Thunder Manifestation. While it may appear normal, it possesses unique variations of its usual attacks. One of its new techniques involves locking onto players at close range. Additionally, it can radiate a blast from itself, which causes players to get locked on and triggers its enraged state. It also performs attacks like Slicing Storm, Walls of Lightning, and Thunder Cages.

During the battle, Dodging is crucial to survival. Players can choose to enrage the boss to avoid specific moves, but this comes with its own challenges. Elemental resistance can be provided for Pyro, Cryo, and Dendro, although using a Geo or Anemo DPS character is also effective. It is important to note that Crackling Thunder Manifestation is immune to its own element, Electro, so using Electro characters is not recommended unless players want to make the fight more difficult. Homing attacks and fully charged aimed shots prove useful against this boss.

Boss Battle: Piety: Calamity of Blazing Steel

The second boss, Piety: Calamity of Blazing Steel, shares similarities with its regular counterpart but has a few changes. When it takes to the air, it gains a shield and elemental resistance. Players must shoot the exposed cores to make the Aeonblight Drake vulnerable. The boss periodically gains resistance to the elemental type that previously damaged it. It then performs bombardment attacks using rockets or machine gun fire. Players must avoid getting caught in these attacks.

In this battle, players can give the boss elemental resistances for Cryo, Electro, and Hydro. This makes Pyro, Dendro, Geo, and Anemo DPS characters ideal choices. Players can switch between different elemental types to continuously deal damage, even if the boss absorbs and resists a specific element. Archers are recommended for this battle to snipe the exposed cores and destroy the shield, making the Aeonblight Drake vulnerable.

Boss Battle: Shadow: Twined Dragonheirs

The final boss encounter is with the Coral Defenders, known as the Shadow: Twined Dragonheirs. To defeat them, players must defeat one quickly before it revives. The remaining boss will be enraged, making the battle more challenging. During the fight, a Geo pillar will spawn at a specific point. The Vishap Herd will climb the pillar and unleash powerful attacks, which can be avoided by destroying the pillar. The Coral Defenders have combination attacks involving beams, Cryo and Electro attacks, and projectiles fired at the player’s position. Players must dodge these attacks while retaliating. Melee attacks are effective in this battle as the bosses are always vulnerable and reachable.

Tips for Success

  • Choose the appropriate elemental resistance for each boss based on their weaknesses.
  • Avoid using characters of the same element as the boss as it will result in slower progress.
  • Use Geo or Anemo characters alternatively to Pyro, Hydro, and Dendro characters.
  • Archers are essential for sniping exposed cores, destroying shields, and making bosses vulnerable.
  • Be prepared to dodge and use homing attacks to effectively deal with boss moves.

With these tips in mind, players can look forward to an exciting and challenging experience in the Feast of the Departed Warriors event. Take on the souped-up world bosses and emerge victorious to claim your well-deserved rewards!