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BIG festival: Showcasing Latin America’s Passion for Gaming

BIG festival, one of the fastest growing mobile gaming expos in the world, has officially kicked off in São Paulo, Brazil. Over the course of four days, attendees can expect a showcase of games from around the globe, as well as engaging talks from industry experts. Our team is on the show floor, ready to bring you all the latest updates from this exciting event.

MENA and the Social Game Revolution

In a captivating talk at BIG festival, Ricardo Flores from Nine66 shed light on the rapidly evolving gaming scene in the MENA region, with a particular focus on Saudi Arabia. He highlighted the strong preference for social gaming in the region, which has become a key driver of monetization. Additionally, social features implemented within games have shown to boost player retention and foster a sense of community and competition. Saudi Arabia’s high mobile subscription penetration and internet penetration make it a major player in the mobile gaming market.

Great News from Finland

Rovio and Supercell, two major Finnish game companies, are making their mark at BIG festival. Finland has the highest number of gaming companies per capita in the world, with mobile gaming being the preferred platform for over 60% of gamers. It’s not just the big players like Rovio and Supercell that are contributing to Finland’s success, but also a multitude of independent studios creating mobile-focused games. Finland’s supportive games ecosystem has attracted top talent from around the world, resulting in games that resonate with players across different cultures. The emphasis on work/life balance in Finland’s industry is also noteworthy, with companies like Fingersoft prioritizing their employees’ well-being.

RINGing in the Changes in Rio de Janeiro

We had the opportunity to sit down with RING president Márcio Filho for an in-depth discussion about the thriving games scene in Rio de Janeiro. The variety of games available in Rio struck us immediately, showcasing the city’s diverse gaming landscape. Brazil as a whole is quickly emerging as a major player in the global games industry, with Rio De Janeiro leading the charge. With over 1,000 employees working in over 100 companies in the state alone, it’s only a matter of time before Brazilian game developers gain international recognition across platforms.

Evergreen Your Mobile Apps

Solomon Ruiz-Lichter, CleverTap’s senior director of Global Gaming, shared valuable insights on achieving evergreen status for mobile apps. He emphasized the importance of building a positive relationship with consumers, focusing on long-term retention and engagement. Several key tips were highlighted, including optimizing the first-time user experience, lowering barriers for the first in-app purchase, implementing contextual offers and game personalization, and utilizing sustainable advertising strategies.

Growing Your Mobile Game in 2023

Leandro Baer Barbosa and Luana Andre Assumpção from Google took the stage to discuss effective scaling strategies for game makers. With the abundance of games available, standing out and reaching new audiences has become increasingly challenging. Barbosa emphasized the importance of maximizing discovery through app store optimization and creating a feedback loop through positive word of mouth and user reviews. Reinvesting revenue into the company through ads or new game development can further drive growth.