Make It Rain 2023 guide and rewards

Returns are Doubled at the FFXIV Gold Saucer for Make It Rain 2023

The highly anticipated Make It Rain Event has finally arrived at the Gold Saucer in FFXIV, and it’s here to stay until July 17. Along with the event quest, players will be pleased to know that all Manderville Gold Saucer Points will be doubled throughout the duration of the event. So, gear up for some serious grinding, but before that, let’s delve into the Make It Rain 2023 guide and rewards overview.

Embarking on the Make It Rain 2023 Quest

To initiate the event quest, players must have successfully completed the Main Scenario Quest, ‘The Gridanian/Limsan/Ul’dahn Envoy,’ depending on their starting city. Once this requirement is met, head over to Kipih Jakkya located just outside the Ul’dah Aetheryte at (9.4, 9.2) and pick up the quest ‘A Golden Opportunity.’ If you’ve encountered Kipih in previous events, you’ll even have access to dialogue options.

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Kipih explains that The Raven has been assigned to write an article about the Gold Saucer festivities and seeks your assistance. Time to head over to the Gold Saucer!

To begin, make your way to the Entrance and Card Square, then proceed across to the Welcome Sabotender, where you’ll find Kipih waiting at (5.4, 7.0). Ollier explains that, in order to incentivize the press to cover the event, four Wind-up Godberts have been hidden in various squares of the Gold Saucer, excluding Chocobo Square. The person who discovers the most Wind-ups will have the opportunity to interview Godbert Manderville himself, a feat that no one has accomplished thus far.

After the cutscene, speak to Kipih again. She suggests splitting up and asks you to search Wonder Square and Round Square. These respective squares will now be highlighted on your map. Head to Wonder Square West using the Aetheryte. Right behind the statue of Godbert in his smallclothes (which, believe it or not, I’ve never noticed in all my years of playing this game) at (6.0, 6.9), you’ll find the first Mammet.

Ffxiv Make It Rain Godbert Wind Up 1

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Next, head to the Round Square Aetheryte and travel southwest from there. At (4.9, 5.1), you’ll spot a tiny Godbert perched atop a lamp post.

Ffxiv Make It Rain Godbert Wind Up 2

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Once you’ve collected the second Mammet, return to the Entrance Square and speak to the same spot where you initially met Kipih to complete the quest.

Exploring the Tour and Discovering Make It Rain 2023 Rewards

Receive ‘Hearts of Gold’ from Ollier and watch the ensuing cutscene. During this scene, you’ll join Godbert on a tour where he imparts new lore regarding the Gold Saucer. Remember, each dialogue option can only be selected once, so pay close attention. If desired, you can skip the remaining cutscenes for each area or exit the cutscene altogether and return later.

Make It Rain 2023 Guide and Rewards Godbert

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After the tour concludes, head southwest to (5.4, 7.0) and speak to Ollier again to complete the quest. As a reward, you’ll receive your very own Wind-up Godbert along with the achievement ‘Everything Gold Can Stay.’

Ffxiv Make It Rain Godbert Wind Up

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