Toby Fox says there’s one area to go before Deltarune Chapter 3 “playable all the way through”

The Latest Development Update for Toby Fox’s Deltarune Chapter 3

As fans eagerly await the arrival of the next installment of Toby Fox’s “nonviolent” RPG Deltarune, the creator has provided a development update. While the release date is still uncertain, Fox has shared some insights into the progress being made.

Chapter 3: Progress and Gameplay

Deltarune, featuring the adventures of Kris and Suzie in the mysterious Dark World, launched its first chapter as a free download in 2018. The second chapter followed in September 2021, with the exciting announcement that chapters three, four, and five will all be launched simultaneously.

Deltarune’s second chapter arrived in September 2021.

While fans eagerly await further chapters, Toby Fox has reassured them that progress is being made. Currently, the team is focusing on completing the last overworld area of Chapter 3. Once this is finished, the chapter will be playable in its entirety.

The Unique Elements of Chapter 3

In a recent email newsletter, Fox mentioned that Chapter 3 is a bit different from the previous ones. He noted that it is not heavily focused on the story but instead introduces unusual gameplay elements. Fox expressed some self-consciousness about this approach but also emphasized the importance of trying something different.

Progress Beyond Chapter 3

While the primary focus is on Chapter 3, Fox revealed that there are also team members working on later chapters. They are responsible for creating bullet patterns and puzzles. Fox hinted that Chapter 4 will be a more standard chapter, suggesting it may not take as long to develop.

Still a Ways to Go

It seems there is still significant work to be done before Deltarune reaches its conclusion. However, it’s reassuring to know that progress is ongoing. For those who have yet to embark on this adventure, Chapters 1 & 2 are available as free downloads on Switch, PlayStation, and PC platforms.