Unveiling the Ferryman: A Journey into Charon’s Design in Smite – An Exclusive Interview with One of the Game Designers

Exclusive Interview: Behind the Scenes with Smite Game Designer Lermy

In this exclusive interview, we sit down with Lermy, a talented Game Designer who has contributed to the creation of several Gods in Smite, including Yu Huang, Ishtar, and Martichoras. Today, we go behind the scenes into the design process behind the highly anticipated addition of Charon, the Ferryman. Lermy sheds light on the inspiration, challenges, and unique characteristics that make Charon a standout character in Smite.

Interview with Lermy, Game Designer on Smite

Andy: Thank you for joining us today, Lermy! Could you introduce yourself and share your role as a Game Designer on Smite?

Lermy: It’s a pleasure to be here! I’m Lermy, a Game Designer for Smite. In my role, I collaborate with a team of talented individuals to bring new Gods to life and ensure a captivating gameplay experience for our players.

The Inspiration Behind Charon

Andy: Let’s dive right into Charon, the latest addition to Smite’s God roster. Can you tell us a bit about the inspiration behind this fascinating character?

Lermy: Charon is an intriguing character deeply rooted in mythology. As the Ferryman of the Underworld, he predates Hades and holds the responsibility of managing the souls in the afterlife. Being the son of Nyx or Nox, as some may know her, Charon ensures everything is in order within the realm of the Underworld – mainly on his boat. Using the five rivers of the Underworld, he’ll guide the souls to the afterlife as long as they pay the toll; otherwise, they remain in the Styx.

Choosing Charon: A Different Experience for Players

Andy: Fascinating! What led the design team to choose Charon as the next character in Smite?

Lermy: After the release of Maui, our previous Guardian character, we wanted to offer a different experience to our players. Maui is quite showy – definitely check out his cinematic if you haven’t had a chance – but with Charon, we aimed for a true neutral character. Charon embodies the concept of carrying out his daily duties in a balanced manner. He wants to clock into his job, put in his hours, and then clock out. It was about time we brought Charon, a highly requested character, into the game, especially since the community’s interest grew significantly over time.

The Design Process: Bringing Charon to Life

Andy: The design process sounds intriguing. Could you walk us through the stages of bringing Charon to life in Smite?

Lermy: Certainly! It all starts with exploring the character’s themes. We gather various departments, provide them with a brief on the character’s traits, and discuss potential concerns. Then, we dive into creating the character’s kit, which can be quite challenging. We usually develop three different kits to explore different directions for the character. Eventually, we narrow it down to the most promising kit. Once we have that final kit, we present it to the leads of all the departments for approval. Once signed off, the team begins working on bringing Charon to life.

Balancing Spooky and Unique: Charon’s Design

Andy: Charon’s design seems to stand out among other gods in Smite. How did you balance the spooky elements with the need for him to feel unique in the game?

Lermy: Balancing Charon’s design was indeed an exciting task. Typically, Charon is depicted as frail and decrepit in other media, but we wanted to give him a distinct appearance in Smite. We decided to make him skeletal, a characteristic we hadn’t explored before. Additionally, we made him bulky, resembling a lich lord, while ensuring he felt like part of the Underworld family, alongside Hades and Persephone. And, of course, we couldn’t overlook the boat. It’s an integral part of Charon’s identity

Final Thoughts from Lermy

Andy: Do you have anything else you’d like to say to the community?

Lermy: Charon is a really unique tank and I think players will be really excited to see him zooming on the map and moving the souls around.

Paddle into battle with Charon in Smite’s newest Update. Watch the Update Show on July 6, 2023 to learn more.